Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Amazing Grace

I wasn't certain what to expect with Amazing Grace. All the reviews I read were good and my daughter liked it a great deal. I suppose I was reticent because I've long found Wilberforce to be a hero and I was cautious about how he would be portrayed.

Well, I needn't have been concerned. From the opening credits to the final scene, this movie is delicious. It's visually stunning and Wilberforce is portrayed both as a man and a hero. My daughter said it was inspiring and so it is. A great movie for teenagers to see, I might add.

I can't recommend it highly enough.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review. It was a confirmation for me. I'm taking my husband to see it on his birthday next week. We don't go see a lot of movies so it is good to get a thumbs up.

Copper's Wife said...

Copper and I saw the movie earlier this week and loved it. It may be a movie we consider purchasing for our home.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We said the same thing, that it would be a good one to own. I want to purchase Luther, too.

Joy, I think you'd really like it!

Anonymous said...

After seeing the preview on television I said to myself, "now that looks like a good one". After your thoughts on it, now I can't wait to watch it.

By the way, I just love your recipe blog. I've tried a few of them and loved them. I've linked it to mine. I hope that's alright.
Thanks for sharing :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My husband and I were talking about it again this morning. With all the trashy and stupid stuff at the movies, it is shocking to have something great to see for a change! (Should be the other way around.)

I'm going to be adding more to my recipe blog soon! If I don't do it before I have a lot of lawn work to do, it won't get done.

Joyful House Farms said...

Brenda, we went to see it for MY husband's birthday a week or so ago and I found it profoundly moving. We plan to own it in our home eventually. Our children are TOO young now, but it will be required viewing for them someday. Actually, I strongly recommend it for ALL Christians. Maybe I'll write a post about it at my place. I have a lot to say about it. :)