Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's beginning to look like real Spring!

Spring in my part of the Midwest is always one step forward and about a dozen steps back. I don't know why it surprises me each year...but it does. When we lived in Western Michigan, I knew there may be snow on the tulips but here it is such a disappointment to be in mid-March and having to scrape the heavy frost off the windshields.

However, having gotten all snarky about the weather, it would seem we are in for a week of warmer-than-average temps. That means it will be necessary to use the remainder of this week to slowly but surely, little by little, get my backyard in shape for the growth of the bulbs and the coming blossoming of the bushes. The young family from whom we bought the house had planted a lot of bulbs (hundreds they told me at the closing). Last Spring, we enjoyed the various colors of tulips, the daffodils, and the daylilies in warmer weather. There is an azalea bush as well as a few other blooming bushes (of which, I do not know the names). This year I hope to make some additions of my own. The dogwood tree was planted by a previous owner, a farm couple who "retired" in this little house and brought the dogwood seedling from their farm.

It has been a week of small but lovely blessings. I dropped by the library before picking my son up at the bookstore on Monday and guess what was on the free cart? Two Victoria magazines! I felt like I had been hugged by God (and they are lovely issues, too). Only fellow Victoria aficionados can appreciate my joy.

Yesterday I had a lot of fun meeting a new friend (Hi, Linda!) for breakfast. I've been praying for a like minded person to meet with and I'm certain it was a God Thing when we ran into each other at Goodwill awhile ago (in front of the book section, of course). Linda is a homeschooling mom about my age, also homeschooling a seventeen year old son. However, she has been homeschooling for over TWENTY years (twenty-four was it?). We sat at the restaurant for over THREE hours and talked! We'd probably still be there but we had to return to the gotta do's of daily living.

I was able to get a few of those gotta do's finished yesterday, just one small step at a time. I had a couple small annoyances (okay, really big ones!) that I'd been living with for awhile. I went through two shelves of books in my living room and pulled those I absolutely knew I wasn't going to read again. One stack went out for the library sale, a second went to the shelf where I keep books for my daughter (all homeschooling books), and the few remaining books found themselves now parked in my son's bookshelf (books like my extra copy of The Education of a Wandering Man, which I know he'll enjoy some day). I then had plenty of room for the books that had been stacking up on the floor next to my sofa!

The second "job" was to clean the inside of my kitchen window. I'd planned to do it when I did a bigger Spring cleaning job in a couple of weeks but it only took a few minutes to make it nice and shiny. Somehow I'd associated cleaning the window with the "big" job rather than the small one it really was. The aroma of honeysuckle lingered for quite awhile.

Today we're going to see Amazing Grace while it is at the local theater. I've heard so many good things about it. I go to the movies so seldom (almost always waiting for them to come out on DVD) but it looks like a movie that is worth seeing on the big screen. We had set back a small amount of the financial gift we received a few weeks ago to do something "fun". I think this would be a very good use for it.

Now, off to pull the laundry out of the dryer before it wrinkles and time!

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