Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting past my book blockage

Huh? Well, I have found myself with time to read and...not reading. That always indicates a book blockage, the equivalent in the reading world of a dam stopping up the creek and water not getting through. There is something blocking the way...

In my case, it is usually one of two different scenarios. I'm reading a book I dislike and I'm giving it too much time which causes me to avoid my reading time (I do that less the older I've gotten and the more books I want to read). Or, I am reading a book I like very much but it's not clicking with me at the moment. I avoid it because I should delight in reading it so what's wrong with me? What I've found is almost always...right book...wrong timing.

That's what is happening with Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey right now. I love the book and it is about a subject (Christian worldview) that I hold dear to my heart. I realized last night that I'm avoiding it because I need something that doesn't make me think quite so much right now. I need to read some of the fiction on my list, good stories to "take me away from it all".

I'll return to my nonfiction soon but I'm going to break up the backlog by reading The Vicar of Wakefield today. I think I'm going to start Rise to Rebellion next. Both are on my Winter Reading Challenge list. I'll return to Total Truth when the right season is upon me, when I will enjoy searching out and discovering deep truth and finding golden nuggets in the midst of good writing will be a joy. Perhaps when the days are just a little longer and the darkness no longer arrives before dinner is served.

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