Thursday, January 11, 2007

So many little projects finished

One of the nice things about this week has been the ability to get regular household gotta do's out of the way early so I can (finally) work on small projects. Most have been completed but the tube of crazy glue is still on my dining room table (unopened) with a few items needing mending.

Let's see, there is the Christmas reindeer who lost part of an ear (probably in our move), it is from a vintage set that I love so I want to make it whole again; the handle to the creamer from my silver service (Note to self: do not get carried away with buffing the silver next time); another Christmas ornament, a red cardinal with a clipped wing...little items needing a quick mend.

Then there are a few of my husband's shirts that need mending with needle and thread. All are my list for the afternoon. Since I haven't had to fix dinner (they are packed in lunch boxes in the morning), I've had a quick sandwich and fruit or cheese and then used the evenings to go through magazines searching for new recipes and decorating pictures or articles. That has been a very fruitful experience, with lots of good things found. (With about fifty magazines picked up from the free cart of the library over the past few months, there was plenty to work with.)

My son and husband are working different hours today so I took my husband to the bookstore and used that time to stop by Goodwill and the grocery store. I found two more Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove books. I have only read Debbie's two books about the knitting shop (The Shop On Blossom Street and A Good Yarn). I found both enjoyable light reading. I haven't read any of her others yet (and there are many other books) but I look forward to reading them. I highly recommend the two about the knitting shop for "take me away from it all Calgon" reading.

Now, I really do need another cup of coffee before continuing on with the day.

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