Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I love this music site!

I found about this site from...of all of the political blogs I read.

It is called Pandora Internet Radio and it is free (as long as you don't mind some advertisements).

It lets you create one or more personal "radio stations" of songs. You type in either the name of the artist or the name of a specific song. Since I use Firefox as my browser, I bring up Pandora and click on one of my stations and then just bring up one or more new tabs to take me to other sites. (You can do the same on any browser by leaving Pandora on one window and bringing up another window to use.) I have headphones with a really, really, really long cord so I don't bother anyone else in the house.

I know you can tell what a person is really like by viewing their bookshelves. I wonder if the same can be told about the choices made on Pandora? I've tried a number of varities, deleting a few that I did't like. I've found this especially true when I'm creating a station based on a song. It has only worked with El Paso. One of the joys is finding new artists that I like who are completely unknown to me. Each new song is accompanied by a picture of the CD/Album (when available). You get to choose if it stays in your choices or not by putting your mouse over the picture and giving it a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down".

Here is what I ended up with, my four channels are: El Paso (based on the song); Allison Krauss (based on the artist); George Straight (based on the artist), and John Denver (based on the artist). Now what is interesting, I don't own many folk or country CD's! I tried Josh Grobin and that didn't work, my friend PJ tried a couple different classical music selections and they came up with selections she didn't like. However, when it is so much fun!

Happy here.

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