Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bless the Lord; The 103rd Psalm...Book Review

When this book arrived on Saturday, I couldn't wait to look through it. The pictures on the website were so beautiful. I wasn't disappointed, this book is a feast for the eyes. Johannah Bluedorn is a self taught artist, influenced by Tasha Tudor.

That influence comes through here even more than in My Mommy, My Teacher. That book being more an illustrated storybook, this one the illustrations themselves are the star (not to say the Psalm isn't beautiful!).

Each section of the 103rd Psalm is accompanied by a beautiful illustration (or is it the other way around?). Children will be delighted by all the color.

This book is great in another way. The pages have no numbers on them, making them perfect to carefully cut out and attach to matting for use as artwork on the walls. Rarely do I advocate cutting up a book but in this is also great artwork.

Here is the page of the website where you can view inside pages of the book. I believe the day will come (perhaps already here) when Johannah's name will be along side Tasha's as a great illustrator...and she's still young.


Father's Grace Ministries said...

I've long admired this book on different internet sights, but none of the Christian bookshops in Australia seem to have access to it.I'd love to get a copy for my girls.

Brenda said...

You should be able to order it from the link given. I don't know what the postage would cost but it is worth it.