Thursday, February 01, 2007

Six months of blogging!

It is difficult to believe but it shouldn't be, seems like I am constantly asking "where did the time go"? However, with the month of February here, Coffee Tea Books and Me is now six months old. It doesn't seem that long ago when my daughter was encouraging me to start a blog. "You'd be good at it", she would say. I wasn't certain anyone would read what I had to say. I "thought" about it for a long time before finally clicking on Blogger to Start My Own Blog. How amazing when I began to get Comments. :)

I don't know how many visit each day, having decided not to download a counter when I switched to Beta Blogger. It was too easy for me to look at numbers with a "successful" day having a large amount of visits and a "non successful" day being one with fewer people. Not true...if only one person reads my blog and is encouraged, or learns something new, or realizes there is another one who is a kindred spirit in this big world...only one...that day was a success.

So to celebrate the six months, I am going to post a couple of my favorite "oldies" each day for about a week.

Thank you for reading.


Alisa Leahy said...

Hi Brenda
I can't believe I've been reading your posts for 6 months-I really enjoy it and its one I check daily for a dose of inspiration!! Keep up the good work.

Copper's Wife said...

Six months!!! Time does fly! Congratulations on six months of post writing. I'm here most every day.

Debbie French said...

I've only just began to read your posts, I am so happy you are posting your first ones for me to read. You have touched me.

Anonymous said...

I visit here daily as well. Your blog is a favorite-I would really miss you if you stopped blogging.
Surprisingly, I remember both of the posts you reposted today. I must have found you soon after you began but for the life of me I can't remember now how I found you. poor memory is actually clicking's a think it was from Mrs. Wilt's blog. Didn't she mention you quite awhile back? I believe it was her. Yeah! I do have a little memory left! :)

Brenda said...

Hehehe, Joanna, I feel the same way when I can remember something these days!

Yes, I had quite a few people begin reading my blog as a result of Mrs. Wilt linking to "My Precious" blog. That is one post I will be repeating.

Thank you all for commenting. It has been wonderful getting to know "names" and visiting other people's blogs. (We need to get Joanna to start one, right?)

It has also been so nice seeing new names these past couple of weeks. That makes me very happy.

Karen said...

Happy 6 month blogiversary! Is that a word? I have been reading your wonderful posts about that long. You are a favorite of mine, and I needed to hear this one today. I am still new to all this. :-).

Linda said...

Happy 6 month Blogiversary!

Though I've only recently discovered your blog, I wish you many more months (and years) of inspired writing.

Brenda said...

Thank you very much! Such comments keep me going.

My blog is still new in comparison to others. However, considering I didn't even know what a blog was this time last year...I'm amazed at the six months!

smilnsigh said...

Oh I missed your 6 Months Anniversary! But I now wish you Congratulations. And may you continue for months and months and years and years to come.