Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Media Meme

Another fun meme from Sally at A Gracious Home...

Media Meme

Action – Favorite action movie? Hatari, a John Wayne movie.

Beautiful – Most beautiful performer? Audrey Hepburn

Comedy – Favorite comedy (TV or movie)?
The old Dick Van Dyke show

Drama – Favorite drama (TV or movie)?
Babylon 5...especially Seasons 3 and 4

Event – Historic event that kept you riveted to the TV?
Definitely...9/11 but also when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon

Favorite – If you could only own and watch one DVD the rest of your life, what would it be?
Casablanca, my very favorite movie...the writing was not only wonderful but the lighting of the old black and white movies was "Art"

G – Favorite G rated movie? Beauty and the Beast (loved the storyline and the music)

Head over heels – Which star were you in love with when you were younger?
Bobby Sherman...many teenage girls loved Bobby Sherman at that time

Ice – Did you see the “Miracle on Ice” live (tape delayed) in 1980?
I'm sure my husband and I watched it in replay but I wasn't aware of the significance until later

Justice – Did you watch any of the famous O.J. Simpson chase down the freeway?
Only because it was on the news.

King of the Thriller – Favorite Hitchcock movie?
To Catch a Thief...for the stars...for the scenery

Laettner – Did you see Duke’s Christian Laettner make the winning shot against Kentucky?
No, I expect my husband watched it, though.

MP3 Player – Do you own one?
No, but my son owns one

Never get enough – Which movie have you watched the most times and how many times have you seen it?
Probably Casablanca, at least twenty times, although I have watched Persuasion over and over.

Opie – Opie or the Beaver?

Pride and Prejudice – Do you prefer A&E or 2005 release?
I much prefer the A&E version but I thought there were aspects of the 2005 version that were quite good. I especially loved the visual "look" of the 2005 film.

Quality – Best TV show of all time?
That's hard. Just because I love SciFi, I'd say Babylon 5 because it was developed from the beginning with the five year storyline in mind. I have spent more time discussing the writing on that show with people more than any other. I realize that type of show is not everyone's "cup of tea".

However, for family viewing I'd say The Waltons. It was on many years and went through various changes with actors passing away and/or leaving the show. It still continued the integrity of the family unit.

Remote control – Who is in charge in your house?
All three of us at different times. My husband changes channels during commercials (which drives the rest of us nuts).

Super Bowl – Game or commercials?
Usually it's all about commercials for me. This year it will be all about THE BEARS!!!!

Television – How many in your house?
We have one in the family room that is hooked up to the Direct TV (living in the country, it is a necessity to get Chicago Sports). We have a tiny TV in the living room, hooked up to an antennae so we can get local stations. Our son has a TV in his room for the first time (he is seventeen). He worked and earned the money to purchase it. It keeps the family peace when Dad wants to watch Chicago sports and Son doesn't want to watch the White Sox play for the hundredth time.

Ultimate – Who is your favorite movie star?
That's a hard one. I love the "old guys"...Rock Hudson, John Wayne, Cary Grant...the guys I remember being movie heroes as I was growing up. They were so suave but at the same time, real gentlemen.

Victory – The best sporting event/game you’ve watched live on TV?
The '85 Bears beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Walkman – Did you ever own a Sony Walkman?
Yes and I still do. Because we have a small-ish house, I find it better to listen to CDs with my Walkman and headphones, laying on the sofa in the living room...reading.

X – Movie you wish you had never watched?
The one about Big Foot I saw when I was about age twelve...can't remember the name but the forest at night gives me the heebie jeebies since then (and I LIVE at the edge of a forest, mind you).

Yesterday – How many hours of media did you consume?
I watched/listened to a few cooking shows on TV while working in the kitchen off and on. I watched our local news and 24 last night.

ZZZ’s – Best music to fall asleep to?
Classical...soft stuff...not Bach


lady laura said...

Funny you should mention Babylon 5. I heard about it only recently (we have no cable) and discovered that our library has it on DVD. It is very popular to hard to get a hold of, but I may try anyway as I see it talked about so often. We do enjoy sci-fi :)

Brenda said...

It is one of those shows that needs to be watched from the beginning season to understand completely.

Although, we first started with season two since that is when our cable system picked it up (long ago) and we did fine.

When we finally were able to watch season one, we understood a lot more, though!

I'd say watch it and see if it is too "edgy" for you. It isn't for me but everyone has their own taste.

One of the things I liked about it was being able to discuss the writing with my kids. My daughter and I watched it during her late high school/early college era and the writing made for very interesting and deep discussions (there were many theological undertones).

Heather said...

I could never complete this Meme - I am so un-media focused! I don't have a favorite movie, actor or show! We rarely turn on our t.v., though the kids watch at least one video a week. Their current favorite is 'The Borrowers' I think, but they are also crazy about Narnia and are re-reading all of the books! I guess my life has been rather sheltered! My husband received Ben Hur for Christmas and I look forward to watching it soon! I like to listen to books on cd, but don't have a favorite there either! I just enjoy reading and quiet things I guess.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog.

I did this meme too. Our Assistant Pastor has lent us To Catch a Thief on great recommendation we haven't watched it yet though.

I haven't seen the Persuasion film you mentioned but it is my favourite Jane Austen book by far.

My meme is up too.

Karen said...

Hi Brenda!
Thank you for stopping by and visiting. I also love cats, just not that one.:-) MY name for him was phsyco kitty. My s-i-l is a major (self-proclaimed) computer geek! He builds them, too, only his job keeps him out of town a lot. I have to wait sometimes if there is a problem.
I noticed in one of your earlier posts that you have diabetes. My oldest was diagnosed at age 12 with Type I. I know a little of what you go through. My prayers are with you.
Please feel welcome to visit again. Nice to meet you.