Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bits & Pieces

I've had a few e-mails about the music that is now playing on the blog. The title is A Living Prayer and it is from the Alison Krauss CD called Lonely Runs Both Ways. I have long enjoyed Alison's music and even my husband (who did not know Bluegrass existed before we were married) likes to hear Alison Krauss and Union Station play good music. By clicking on the song title, you will be going to where short clips are provided of each song on this CD.

Did you love the old Victoria magazine? After you visit my blog, click over to Snilnsigh and join the comments about our beloved Victoria. I knew the magazine was doomed when Nancy Lendemeyer was replaced by another editor. I didn't care for her changes from the first issue in which she took over. She just didn't "get it". Slowly we saw the demise of Victoria but even then...the pictures were beautiful. I wish I had my old copies I had to get rid of for a move.

Lanier has once again written a beautiful post, this time about the love of good music. My daughter and I were chatting on the phone recently, talking about ways to teach children to love great art and music. I was sharing with her what I had just heard on the radio, the host was interviewing the head of a school for young musicians. He was asked that very question about music. He said "Vivaldi at the dinner table". Yes...Vivaldi's Four Seasons and homemade pizza...with candlelight. Does it get any better than that?


Linda said...

Hi Brenda, I'm just checking to see if I can comment. I've tried three times in vain!!

Linda said...

Okay - I guess I'm in. Yikes!!! As I was saying....I'm so excited!! You're the only other person - besides my Mom - who has read Victoria magazine. I had every issue from the very beginning. I pulled out all the articles I wanted to save and put them in folders. I thought I would toss them when I packed to move, but I couldn't bear to part with them. I was so disappointed when it suddenly stopped coming. I didn't like it as well when Nancy L. left either. It was such a beautiful magazine. Do you have Nancy's book? It is a compilation of all the articles she wrote for the magazine under the pseudonym Jenny Walton.
Thanks for the Blogger info. I always panic too quickly. My word verification has finally arrived. I don't know how much experimenting I'll do. I'm a coward at heart.
Have a nice sunday.

Judy said...

Hi Brenda, Oh how I loved Victoria. I had a subscription for years, and saved most of them. Still have them. Also I have 2 of the hard cover books "Victorias The Charms of Tea" and "The Heart of Christmas" I like to read the ones for the month we are at and look at all the lovely art work and decorated rooms, the gardens in the spring and summer.Oh I miss that magazinae. Nice to see there are many of us, kindered spirits.

smilnsigh said...

Thank you so much, for your pointer to my Blog, concerning Victoria magazines. :-)) I'd not seen this, before now. {9:42am est Sun.]


Belle-ah said...

I loved Victoria so much! I wish, wish, wish I could find something I enjoy as thoroughly as I did that magazine. Romantic Homes and Southern Lady are ones I now enjoy -- but, not as much as Victoria