Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bits & Pieces

I haven't done a Bits & Pieces post for a long time. I guess today is one of those days when all I have are tidbits of information. :)

I think I have transferred all of my recipes that I posted on this blog over Christmas to my recipe blog (see sidebar). It is so much easier to find them on that blog, since they are categorized by food type (other than yummy). I'm hoping to post some more favorite recipes next week.

I made great progress on organizing all my craft items today. I used to make crafts and folk art items to sell when my son was little. These items were all in their huge Rubbermaid containers and they hadn't been sorted since we moved from our very large house (with very large amounts of storage space).

I went through everything last night and this morning, giving to Goodwill those items I know I will not use (a very painful surgery indeed). I transferred all of these items to two smaller Rubbermaid containers (hmmm...medium size instead of gargantuan) with all my patterns and "bear stuff" in one and my basic supplies in the other. This will make my life much easier when I get back to making some of these items (which is one of my 2007 goals). Now I just need to sort through some arts & craft supplies.

I'm making a lot of new storage space, not only by giving items to Goodwill but also by repacking them in different containers. The large containers which worked in a larger house (larger shelves, larger storage rooms, etc.) now fit much nicer in the smaller containers. Fortunately, I have a small house but a rather sizable garage, especially when one doesn't try to get two cars in it. I figure one more day (hopefully) and that part of my organizing will be finished. I feel a huge weight off my shoulders already.

I encourage everyone who loves books to take part in The Winter Reading Challenge over at Seasonal Soundings. I had a great deal of fun deciding which books would be good to read, especially as I'm putting myself on the self-imposed-library-fast starting next week (except for school related reading). I have a lot of books, I mean a LOT of books, on my "To Read Soon" shelf. Some of them have been there a couple years, just waiting to be read because I wanted to read all of my "American Revolution Related Books" at one is that time.

You can take part by clicking right HERE!

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