Friday, December 29, 2006

The results of a good night's sleep!

Did you ever stop to think what a miracle a good night's sleep is? I remember weeks and months when I didn't have a good night sleep (my son did not sleep through the night until he was eighteen months old, and even then he was a light sleeper). However, when one goes to bed absolutely exhausted and awakes ready to tackle a new day...that is a miracle to be thankful for each morning!

All I could do last night after the final kitchen cleanup was to drop on the living room sofa and watch the last half of Sweet Home Alabama. I will have to find it at the library, at least the second half was funny and had a great moral (stick to your roots, girl). Which I find interesting, if you stop to think of it. Hollywood mocks those of us in Fly Over Country but have you ever seen a movie where the main character decides to cast aside her roots and go for the gold in the City? Okay, I'm certain there must be dozens of them but they are the movies I never watch.

So, today I am anxious to get back to the garage and perhaps...just perhaps...finish the job. If not, I'll be close enough to finish tomorrow. Our unusually warm December is a blessing for those of us who are doing work outside or in an unheated garage. It is not a blessing to those with mold allergies who need a "good snow" to kill the leaf mold.

Don't tell my husband but I am so thankful we have all those good storage containers. There was a time when I accused him of having secret stock in Rubbermaid. Not that he was being unwise with money, we had enough then to invest in the good quality storage containers. I just thought he went a bit overboard. He was a little paranoid about the basement of our house (at the time) flooding and he wanted to protect our "stuff" we stored in that particular room of the basement. Which is why my fabric is in Xerox boxes because they were stored "upstairs". Our basement never flooded (even though it had a few times before the city put in different water lines in that subdivision) but we still have all that Rubbermaid. Come to think of it, I wonder how long it would take that stuff to decompose? Hmmm...

I'm thinking of calling Kinkos or Staples, though, to see if they have a few extra Xerox boxes, or something similar. They have a small size now that would be perfect for some homeschool "stuff". Now, off to work!

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smilnsigh said...

You are amazingly organized! As well as dedicated to a goal. I need so much, to make myself do 'clearing out' and making order out of chaos, in certain places of our home. -sigh-

Perhaps if I keep reading your entries over and over, I'll get myself into the mode. I want to. I need to. Now, to make myself do it.

Thank you for the encouragement, which reading you, gives.