Monday, November 27, 2006

A quiet evening, a hectic day

It was wonderful last night, snuggling on my living room sofa and watching a Hallmark movie on TV. I lit a few scented candles, put the dimmer switch on the chandelier in the dining room area on low, and enjoyed the sights and scents of the Season.

With the Christmas decorations around the room and a Nativity creche set up on a table, it looked and smelled like Advent! I love the creche, the building part was purchased cheap at a garage sale. The people were found later, they also were inexpensive since we were missing most of the wise men, hehehe. I just put the two animals, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in it, anyway. It is truly a reminder of the Reason all the other decorations exist.

I've been fighting an infection, one I had at the same time last year when I ended up having to go to the emergency room. So, I had good reason to take care of myself last night and just enjoy vegging out on the sofa. It is rare there are good movies on the "Big three" networks but once again, Hallmark came through. My only problem with Hallmark movies is their commercials, they make me cry more than the movie!

The alarm clock rang way too early this morning. We are in the last three week stretch of commuting to the junior college and waiting there all morning. This morning, my son had to be there early so I dropped him off and stopped at McDonald's for a small coffee while I read the revised A Woman After God's Own Heart. I can't tell you how many copies of this I've owned and then given away. I had purchased this copy a few months ago with my monthly allowance. This is the new, revised edition, where Elizabeth George has updated it with what is going on in her life since she wrote the original edition. She also has a chapter on how the book has affected women in the last ten years. It made the time I had to wait go quickly.

We stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way home. My son had received a gift card for his birthday. He used it to purchase the new paperback version of Crunchy Cons, a chai tea latte for him and a peppermint hot chocolate for me (I've been craving hot chocolate!). He is going to read Crunchy Cons as part of a Current Events class I'm putting together for him next semester. I'm going to read it for fun. :)

I still have a few household gotta do's that must be done before I can rest for the evening. Tomorrow I hope to get outside and wash some windows while we have one more day of nice weather. The weather report on the evening news gives us the possibility of our first real snow storm by the end of the week...brrrr. Yes, it would be a good thing to get all outside chores done quickly! Our homeschool co-op meets in the morning but there should be enough afternoon sunlight to work outside. I may be very tired but the thought of getting out in zero degree wind chills will keep me going!


smilnsigh said...

You inspire me to put more Christmas things up. :-) I'm lagging this year, it seems. But, I'll catch up.

Now I am so sorry to hear that you're fighting some infection. Sounds like it might be a form of a chest cold or some such. Oh please do take good care of yourself, and get lots of rest.

Needless to say, I *don't like* the sound of that, going out to wash windows. -sigh- But... I'll just have to trust your judgement, won't I? :-) Yes! I most certainly will! :-)


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite.
Which movie did you watch?

Anonymous said...

Brenda, is it worth buying the new edition of Elizabeth's book if you already own the old one?
Joanna :)

Brenda said...

I watched the new movie, Candles on Bay Street. It is an excellent movie about a young woman who returns with her son back to her hometown. It is one you need a box of tissues to watch, though (aren't they all?).

I think the new version is worth buying since they're not very expensive. Especially if you enjoyed the first version. Most of it is the same but the updates make it worth the money. I had given my last copy to a woman who had recently given her life to Christ so I needed a replacement, anyway.

Hehehe, yes...I am going to go outside. However, it is a kidney infection I'm working through so probably just being up and around (and busy) isn't good for it. I won't get any chance to rest until next week!