Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fuzzy ponderings

My brain is on its' own version of dial up today, which is a sad thing for grey matter already working around the ups and downs of blood glucose levels and the usual over 40 (now over 50) fuzziness that happens at times. I can hardly remember my corporate days, in my 20s and 30s, when I could do three things at once. Now I am fortunate when I can remember my grocery list of three items!

I spent the morning teaching my co-op literature class and playing with babies in the nursery (I volunteered for an hour in the nursery to get my baby fix since I have no little ones near me to play with). Then, the afternoon was spent at the library while my husband and son carried forty boxes from the top floor of the library's storage garage to the main floor in preparation of the upcoming library sale. At least I could stay inside where I perused Victoria's The Pleasure of Tea and checked it out for the sixth (or seventh) time.

I had to give my windows a sad glance and a promise to (attempt) a washing tomorrow. (Yes...I am still fighting the infection and I plan to go outside. My mother is rolling over in her grave, I am certain of it!) However, we have Winter Storm Watches very near us, creeping closer each day. I prefer getting the windows washed before standing in a foot of snow. (Of course, the reason I didn't wash them sooner was the absolutely amazon size spiders that nested in the greenery right below my south facing windows. I'll take my chances with the snow, thank you.)

All this to say, I hope to be back tomorrow with something to say other than whining. That is, however, one nice thing about having a blog. I do have someplace to whine.


lady laura said...

We are under winter storm watches also. 67 today, ice and snow tomorrow:)

Jenny said...

Hello, Brenda! Hope you get better soon. Ahhh, the wisdom of grandmothers. My little one fell ill over the weekend, and called my granny to get her up to speed. What was an obscure childhood illness to me was one that rolled right off her tongue. She immediately started asking specifically about this and that symptom. I was amazed! I had to go home and do some research before I was sure of what my little one had. I guess in the old days, women just had to have this knowledge, especially in the rural areas where no doctors or nurses were around.

Speaking of my granny, I volunteered to wash her windows a few years back, but told her it would have to wait until the first bad frost. Why?? Spiders, of course!!!

Take care, Brenda!

Jan said...

ha. Wait until you hit the 60s and see what happens to the grey matter then! All the multitasking of earlier years slips away.

deb said...

Hi Brenda...I think I'm behind on several of your posts (sick in bed for 3+ days, then up and preparing for Thanksgiving and guests)... so I'm finding out that you had a giveaway!! I missed it! I enjoy your blog and hope you've recuperated, too.

Brenda said...

I plan to do another give away around Easter. There is another great cookbook in my gift box!

My mother rarely took any of her kids to the doctor. She knew all kinds of old fashioned ways to heal them and for the most part, they worked. People are shocked when I tell them she gave me whiskey mixed with honey when I had "croup' but it cleared it up! Not that I would recommend it now days. :)

We are at a near record high today and expected to be down in the 20s by Friday morning. Sounds like I'll need to get out the Execedrin.