Saturday, September 07, 2019

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - This and That

I haven't had a chance to even think about a Saturday blog post this week but that does not mean I didn't think about the pantry.

Of course, the hurricane was in the news far longer than any hurricane I can remember.  It certainly reminded me of the need to be prepared.  I couldn't concentrate on my own preparedness at the time but I did think to recharge my emergency radio.

I accomplished a lot of needed Fall cleaning, all done a little at a time.  It requires little concentration so cleaning was just the right household chore to do while I was distracted.  

The weather last week was beautiful and Fall-like so it made me think of cool weather cooking and baking.  When I did my stock-up shopping last week, I started thinking more toward what I need in the pantry for the change in cooking... like soups and chili... and bought canned items to be prepared for those recipes.

We are going to be back to Summer heat for awhile (yuk) but at least true Fall is around the corner.  Much like a snowfall in March, you know true Spring is near.  I am definitely ready for Fall.


gracie said...

Here in Arizona we are still in Monsoon
on season and the heat is tiring. I am so ready for cooler weather which is anything under 100!

Vee said...

Oops...there went my comment. The gist of it was that cleaning does seem to help in terms of moving forward in challenging times. I bet lots of people were cleaning with that horrid hurricane. It blew past my corner this morning. I knew it was out there passing by because of the cold and wind and overcast skies. Now it’s going to hit PEI. I guess it has already blown through Nova Scotia.

Autumn warm days still aren’t as foul as August ones. Are they? I will be glad to get out from under my cozy throw. I can’t get a thing done huddled under it.

Here’s to cleaning a bit at a time and to slightly warmer days. Perfect weather days help the budget.