Thursday, May 16, 2019

ESV Prayer Bible, a review

The ESV (English Standard Version) version of the Bible is a favorite among many of my friends and family members.  It is easy to read while being trustworthy in its' translation.

This Bible is unique in that it includes prayers from many well known Christians from history embedded within the text in appropriate places.  It also contains a short Introductory essay about Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney, an Author Index featuring short bios of the people whose prayers are featured, and an index of prayers and reference to prayers in the Bible.

While all of the above makes this a Bible worth owning, what I absolutely loved about this edition is the size of the hardback version I received and how easy it is to read through the one column text.  If you are looking for a good reading Bible, the kind you can pick up just to read and enjoy, this is such a Bible.  It can function as your primary Bible to use for study as well.

While the size is compact, the font is large enough that anyone not needing a large print Bible should be able to easily read it, although the embedded prayers are in a smaller (but not tiny) font.  I highly recommend the ESV Prayer Bible.

The ESV Prayer Bible was provided by Crossway for the sake of review but the opinions are my own.

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Image:  The above photo of the hardback version of the Bible shows it as it is sold, the small white paper slip cover providing information comes off easily and the cover is one solid color.

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Anonymous said...

Most of your posts are interesting and have very helpful advice. I enjoy reading them.
The only exception is the book reviews sometimes. Really, how many Bibles can we use or afford to buy?