Saturday, April 06, 2019

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Just the quickest answer!

I had tests performed on my right eye yesterday as well as another injection.  So today I need to stay away from the computer screen as much as possible.  It is bothering my eyes too much to be able to write for long or look up links.

It turns out that my deteriorating eyesight in that eye is due to a combination of the original problems caused by diabetes, the infection, and now a cataract has developed.  Probably as a result of the infection.  My specialist is going to continue with the injections as usual and "wait and see" if the cataract gets worse.

I do want to quickly answer one question from last week.  I was asked about what kind of bread machine was gifted me and I can provide the link for that.  I baked bread in my original machine (circa' late 90s model) only a couple times.  Instead I found using the dough cycle resulted in the shape and texture I prefer.  I do the same with the new bread machine.

I add the ingredients as instructed, pop the container back in the bread machine, press the dough cycle button, and I only have to keep an eye on it for about five minutes off and on to make sure there is no need for extra liquid or flour. Usually the dough turns into a perfect ball without having to add anything (it is always easier to add extra flour than liquid).

When the dough is ready, I roll it out and then shape it into a loaf and place it in an oiled loaf pan, cover it, and let it rise again. Then it goes in the oven and usually comes out looking beautiful and when the bottom is tapped, it sounds hollow. If I error, it is on the side of over baking just a tad so it is not doughy in the middle.

If I'm making cinnamon rolls, I take the dough out and let it rise in an oiled bowl covered tightly with plastic wrap.  Quite often, I will do this in the early evening or late afternoon and pop it in the refrigerator to slowly raise overnight, ready to be rolled out in the morning to form the cinnamon rolls.  The dough is very easy to work with when chilled overnight but it can be rolled out after only doubling in size in the bowl the same day.

Having the bread machine makes it possible to have homemade bread and cinnamon rolls again even with limited energy. It only takes minutes to get everything together and added to the container, which even I can do when feeling fatigued.  That is also why I tend to make the dough one day for cinnamon rolls and finish them the next morning.  Of course, the bread is even easier when allowed to bake in the bread machine.

One trick I have found with the cinnamon rolls through the year is to place them on the baking sheet, cover with a light lint free dish towel (I have one I keep for this purpose) and to let the cinnamon rolls almost double in size before popping them in to bake.  It took me years to realize I wasn't letting them rise long enough before baking... talk about a slow learner.

So here is the link (as asked) to the bread machine I was given as a gift and it works great.  Further info... here.

I will be back tomorrow, I think.  My eye should be less sensitive to the light from the screen, then. 

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Vee said...

By all means, take it easy on that eye. Praying for the eye to respond well to the meds. Time for an audio book, my friend.

From reading this, I think that I have been making the same mistake with bread rising. It’s why I gave up and just let the bread machine go through the entire process.

Bonnie said...

I pray that your eye will be better quickly! Perhaps the cataract is causing more vision trouble than you think. They are so common here in Florida as we are all in the sun so much.

When you are better, would you mind posting how you make your cinnamon buns using the bread machine from start to finish? I would love to have an exact recipe with the process explained. Take care, Brenda. We appreciate you so much!

gracie said...

I love making bread in the bread machine and have wanted to do as you do...make the dough and bake in the oven. Maybe I will give it a try.

Kellylynn said...

I second Vee.
Prayers and hugs, Brenda

With love,

Desert Diva said...

Please take care of yourself and rest. Your readers can say a prayer for you also. Thank you for your wonderful writing.

Suzan said...

Rest and do as instructed. I pray that your eye heals very soon.

I have started making bread again. I am using my Kitchenaid to knead the bread. It makes it easier indeed. Today I made a German loaf and a white loaf. My son popped in and I have to make bread again tomorrow.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Sending prayers for you eyes and your health overall....Be well, dear Brenda.