Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Morning and Evening Prayer Book, a review

This book is a wonderful resource for daily devotions.  It has both a morning and evening prayer for each day (thus the title) and the editors (Jeanie and David P. Gushee) have brought together prayers from ages past through modern times.

I perused many pages to get an idea about the various kinds of prayers and in the process, could feel the peace of the Lord overflowing my cluttered thoughts. The reader can include this book as part of their daily devotions or specific prayers can be read in times of turmoil. 

If you carry a Kindle with you, or perhaps have the Kindle app, the Kindle version of this book would be an excellent resource for devotionals on the go.  I could see reading the prayers just to quiet my spirit in the midst of a busy day, even if I don't use it for daily devotions.

I wouldn't be fearful of reading an Eastern Orthodox prayer if one is a Baptist or a Catholic prayer if one is a Presbyterian.   Nor should a Catholic think a prayer by a Protestant would contain heresy to their theology.  Instead, the editors have chosen prayers from each part of the worldwide Church which, I believe, are Christ centered.  I loved this book!

A Morning and Evening Prayerbook was provided by the publisher for the sake of review but the opinions are my own.

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Anonymous said...

Your recommendation sounds great! Another beautiful morning and night prayer is called Celtic Benediction by J Philip Newell. Published by the Canterbuy Press Norwich. I own the 2004 edition.

It is a briefer version but follows the pattern of the classic Divine Office. Mairin

vintage ellen said...

Thank you for featuring this book in your post. I have been looking for a daily devotional and this seems to be exactly what I needed. It's a birthday present I'm giving myself! I love that it pulls prayers from so many different places, and a reminder that we are all looking for peace, strength and faith. Thanks again!