Saturday, August 04, 2018

A Quick Saturday Update

The grocery store after an earthquake.

My eye is slowly healing but I still cannot see clearly out of it.  I am praying for a complete healing!  Distance is easier to see so I can drive in the daytime.  That is a beginning, I was able to do my monthly stock up at Meijers and Aldis yesterday.

As you can understand, the situation has slowed me down considerably but is not stopping what I want to accomplish.  It is hard to write Saturday posts because they are usually based on something I am doing... and the doing has been limited.

However, since I could do my Aldis shopping, I hope next week to have a post about some of my favorite Aldis buys.  I have benefited from other blogs as they have posted some of their favorites.  That is how I either knew the product was there or it urged me on to try a product. 

I thought the article below to be quite good so I wanted to share it with you today.  It is called "If I Could Only Stockpile 10 Foods" and the author has good advice on building a basic prepper pantry on a budget that is also healthy.

I will have a Saturday post next week (I hope!).

Mentioned in this Blog Post
If I Could Only Stockpile 10 Foods article... here.
(I do not endorse everything on the site but it has very good information.)


mdoe37 said...

I'm glad things are a bit better for you....I know how difficult it is. Relax, get well...we will all be here when you're feeling up to it!

Terra said...

We had a big earthquake here years ago and your grocery photo reminded me of the library where I was working with books all over and shelves toppled. I hope your eye continues to heal.

Vee said...

This is good news! Being able to do your own shopping has to be great... Off to follow your link.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I’m praying for your complete healing too!

Anonymous said...

I am glad things might be turning around and getting better for you. You've had a rough time.

When the big earthquake happened in Coalinga, California years back cooking oil was still manufactured in glass bottles. Now imagine being in That row in the grocery store during a big earthquake...broken glass and oil. Although I am not for plastic so much, I am glad some oils are now in plastic. least for the safety side of it.

Thank you for the link Brenda. Sarah