Saturday, April 28, 2018

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Plan B as a step of faith

I think I mentioned that the rural electric company came through and cut down numerous trees on our property that (they say) posed a danger to power lines.  It wasn't just us, the tree trimmers were heard working up and down the county roads for weeks.

What I didn't mention is that in the process, they destroyed part of our raised bed garden.  They said they had to take down the fence but they would "do their best" to be careful.  I take issue with what they call their best.

While not happy with their results, it did make the decision to not garden again this year come easy.  Like everything else on the property, we grow all kinds of weeds and tiny trees and gardening... even raised beds... is quite a battle.

So I have decided again this year to concentrate my limited budget and energy to what can be grown on the deck.  This will be the third year of growing herbs on the deck and they have been quite successful.  Growing herbs is very cost effective given how much one pays for fresh herbs at the grocery store.

It also gives me a chance to grow some herbs one cannot find at the grocery store or farmer's market around here.  I hope to go to my favorite nursery very soon and purchase a few rarer herbs, then go back later for those that they do not sell out of right away.

We are still cold at night so I don't dare put any out on the deck, yet.  It is considered wise to wait until Mother's Day to plant around here but with this cold spring, I'm not sure that is going to be safe.  We are just beginning to see a little green here and there.  Of course, everything could bloom and green up immediately upon our first couple of 80 degree days.

I admit to viewing Instagram feed of beautiful gardens and admiring the produce at harvest time.  That was definitely my Plan A.   Frustrations with the challenges of the journey have tempted me at times to just give up.  Curling up in the corner of the sofa and reading isn't all that bad.

However, if there is one lesson learned from this long winter, it is that even an avid reader cannot live on books alone.  So I go to Plan B and sometimes Plan C and even making my way down the alphabet until something is accomplished.

I think often of the verse in the Bible that warns us not to grow weary in well doing.  God knows that our bodies are "but dust" and if one can grow weary of doing good things, how much easier it is to give up doing the hard stuff.  Gardening done right is physically demanding.

I have come to think of Plan B as a step of faith.  As is Plan C, etc.  We have a God who does not look down at us in disapproval when Plan A is not possible.  I think He just does not want us to stop completely with the desires of our heart, for that is the real lack of faith.

I had to make the hard decision last year that even raised bed gardening was now too hard physically.  There was a short period of time that I thought of giving up completely but growing things was such a joy.  I had to become creative and think of another way to look forward to planting season.

As it turns out, Plan B has proven a lovely way to enjoy the works of my labor.  Herbs growing just outside my deck door are not only nearby for when they are needed but they are beautiful to look at through windows, along with flowers here and there.

Sometimes Plan A is still possible but in a much slower version. This afternoon I will make my way to the backyard and begin the task of removing last year's perennial leftovers, those which now remind us of death, to make way for the new life that is already popping up through the ground.  Not an easy task but when done a little at a time, quite do-able.

It will most likely not be done completely or perfectly but whatever is accomplished will add to the beauty to the new growth.  Sometimes good enough is... good enough.

Image:  Three Hens with Coop


Unknown said...

Very timely post, I do love your blog so. I have found myself in such situations lately that torment my soul, so many responsibilities to so much and so many and I just couldn't go on. I prayed hard on it, the answer like yours I will do what I can but I'm only human if I fall nothing will be achieved. And somethings have to be put aside for a while sometimes along while. Thanks for taking the time to write your blog.x

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love this. Its so true. I don’t do a veggie garden anymore because of my lower back. It is enough to do my perennials and some house plants.

Terra said...

I think you are right about plan B. I only grow veggies in a raised bed now, which is much easier and smaller than my in ground vegetable gardens of yore.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you can't do the raised bed gardening now. We had some success growing lettuces in a planter on the patio. You might try that. Only problem was the neighbourhood rabbits etc. enjoyed them as well :)

Vee said...

Quite so...good enough is better than nothing at all. I did the perennial bed clean-up earlier in the week. I think I should take another swing at it because I was having trouble bending for long enough to get a thing accomplished. Best taken in doses for sure. I have decided not to plant my railing box and rather to plant in containers on the deck. Will see if that pleases me planting befor Memorial Day here.

I am sorry that the tree cutters did not use care and I hope they, at least, did not leave a horrid eyesore.

Sallie Borrink said...

Once upon a time we wanted to have many raised gardens and fruit trees. I also wanted to learn how to can. I've given up on the gardens completely. And today I put all of the gardening jars I've collected/bought over the years up for sale locally. It's not how I want to spend the energy I do have and I'd rather support local people by purchasing from them. :-)

tealady said...

I do understand where you're coming from, there will be no more gardening for me, my degenerative disc disease has gotten the best of me and makes gardening far too painful. And yet I will be planting a few items in pots on the patio. We have two very nice farmers markets close by so Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays I will have plenty of opportunities to get fresh veggies.Far cheaper than our grocery stores.