Monday, April 02, 2018

A Belated Happy Easter

 It is Monday afternoon and I'm turning the computer on for the first time in days.  Yesterday, we had a wonderful time together with my son, daughter-in-law, Piper, and my daughter-in-law's parents (who have become good friends).

The meal was delicious and with three of us pitching in, there was a feast with minimal fuss.  However, I am seriously resting for awhile since we combine much of our spring cleaning with getting ready for Easter each year. 

That is because it is a time when I can get my husband's cleaning priorities in line with my priorities since company is coming.  That is all I will say about that other than one needs to make hay while the sun is shining (so to speak).  The house looks better than it has since the last Holiday get together.

This year I decided to keep things simple so I didn't use a tablecloth or cloth napkins.  However, it is not Easter without my mother-in-law's mother's beautiful china.  The photo only shows a few plates, the serving pieces were in the kitchen waiting to be filled with food.  This is a Victorian set of dishes for twelve people and I have dishes stored that may have not been used since Queen Victoria's day... such as finger bowls.  But I do not want to be the relative that sends the never used pieces to a thrift shop!

Piper was dressed in her finest.  There is a smudge of chocolate on her mouth from Easter eggs.  ;)

It has been cold so I was quite happy to find five small daffodils blooming near the back of the house.  I will take what I can get with this crazy weather.  We had an egg hunt for Piper after our meal and by the time everyone was leaving for home... it was snowing. 

We ended up with six inches of snow and while it was lovely waking up to it this morning, I can't say it was welcome. Snow was so February and not April. 

I will be back with a book review on Wednesday.  I hope you had a blessed Easter!

Photos: Instagram (@coffeeteabooksandme)


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Happy Belated Easter to you and your family, Brenda! I am impressed that you had any daffodils blooming! We had a lovely sunny day yesterday but I was shocked to wake up this morning to see a winter wonderland, again! But by now quite a bit of it has melted away. All that is really blooming are snowdrops, though there are buds on daffodils and several Lenten lilies (Helleborus).
My dd Em and her family hosted Easter brunch for 12 of us and I brought an asparagus crustless quiche. I accidentally used twice as much cheese as the recipe calls for (two 8 oz bags rather than 2 cups....oddly one bag is 2 cups) and it was better than ever. I may stay with this...

Anonymous said...

Easter egg hunt...then snow! Strange weather, isn't it. Maybe that's normal for where you live, but for this Texas gal, it's very unusual. Glad you had a wonderful Easter celebration. Very good to have family to celebrate this blessed event with, especially little ones. Blessings, Sharon D.
P.S. Your "plain" table was beautiful. Simple can be beautiful also.

Anonymous said...

Happy Eater Monday! It was such a nice surprise to see your post today! Your inherited China is Beautiful and what a lovely table it makes! I hope whoever inherits it from you also keeps the whole set together! Wow! 6 inches of snow! There was snow mixed with rain in our original forecast, but thankfully we just had a blustery day and rain. I am worn out from having both our kids and both baby grandsons for dinner, but I cherish our family times together! Babies grow So quickly! Your little Piper is no longer a baby! What a little Cutie she is! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs and Blessings,
Laura C.(WA)

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

What a wonderful time...with such good friends and family! I'm sure you had a blessed day. Your table looks lovely!
Like you, I've simplified our holidays. It's spilled over into my decorating quite a bit as well. I'm finding a little simplicity has its own beauty ... and I am just appreciating everything more when it has a bit of breathing room around it/them. (This coming from a former clutter bug haha ☺️).
P.S. Piper is a doll!!!

P.P.S. Praying for perfect healing for you...and especially your eye.

Vee said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely day until the snow showed up. What an unwelcome element in the Easter 2018 story. My your little grandgirlie is such a pretty little girl; know that she received plenty of attention from all her family gathered around. 🌷🌿💕🌿🌷

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We got a light snow Sunday night into Monday. You’re right that snow is so February, not April!

Piper is cute!!!

Cheryl said...

I really love the special china on bare wood. There is just something about the contrast . . . and wood is so warm. You had a lovely Easter table!

Getting ready for a special day gives a lot of impetus to get things done, but boy do you (I, at least) feel it after it's all over. On Easter evening, I just wanted to collapse. And I still felt that way on Monday!

Piper. So adorable!