Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Hidden Enemy, a review

I rarely say a book is a must read for every Christian but this latest book by Michael Youssef is such a book.  The subtitle is: Aggressive Secularism, Radical Islam, and the Fight for our Future.

I have watched Leading the Way quite often so I knew before reading the book that it would be well researched and Biblically correct.  Dr. Youssef offers a unique background to understand what is going on in our country since he was born in Egypt and lived in Lebanon before coming to the United States.

I thought I knew a lot about what is happening in the U.S. but what I learned in this book was an eye opener.  That is why I say every Christian should read it and understand how close we are to losing our freedoms.  If you have friends or family that scoff at you when you voice a concern, get this book for them!

  • The Truth About our Future
  • The Truth Be Hanged
  • What America is--and Isn't
  • Secularism, the Enemy Within
  • Finding the Truth in a Post-Truth World
  • Will Political Islam Destroy Western Civilization?
  • Illusion and Delusion--or Truth?
  • Is God's Judgment Inevitable?
  • Action Agenda, You Can Make a Difference
  • Epilogue:  The Evangelist and the Terrorist

While looking at the changes happening in this country from the view of one who was a Christian living in the Middle East, the author understands the dangerous situation this country is in.  However, he doesn't leave the reader there... he offers advice on what can be done right now and like the pastor he is, directs our attention to the Lord for peace and guidance.

The Hidden Enemy was provided by the publisher for the sake of review but the opinions are my own.

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Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Looks like a book Tim and I would read. Can’t say I’d enjoy it because it will make me sad, but I know it will be an important read.

Rebecca said...

I respect this author greatly.
I heard him interviewed about it and know I should read it....