Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Taking Aim, a review

The subtitle of this book is "Daring to Be Different, Happier, and Healthier in the Great Outdoors".  The author, Eva Shockey, co-hosts the Outdoor Channel's Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures with her father.

In the book, Eva shares what it was like growing up with a well known father and how her decision to take part in hunting came soon after college.  She shares many stories of their adventures.

I think the most important message of this book is to explain why hunting is important and how hunters are helping the environment.  She also offers inspiration to other young women who are in fields usually dominated by men.  She shares with the reader the importance of practice and refining your skills, whatever you decide to do in life.

I expect the readers most interested in this book would be fans of the television show but anyone who loves the outdoors and adventure would find it an enjoyable read.  If you are not a hunter, the author does a good job explaining the technical aspects of hunting to better understand what it takes to have a successful hunt to "fill the freezer".

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