Saturday, November 25, 2017

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - A quick hello

For the first time in over two decades, I didn't host Thanksgiving.  Instead we traveled to where Mr. & Mrs. Christopher now live to celebrate the Holiday there with her parents and... Piper.  Who, along with their kitty that we miss, was the center of attention.

I must say that driving on the Interstate part of the way in Holiday traffic (my husband read the map) was stressful and I would have much rather been at home in my kitchen.  However, it was time to pass the Holiday baton.

Is it just me or is there now continuous construction on Interstates?  Yikes!  At least for the Holiday long weekend, they weren't actually doing construction but it was quite a mess for parts of the trip.  Anyway, I digress...

We had a nice time and, of course, it is always fun to see how Piper has grown.  However, I've been tired all day so I decided to wait until next week to chat about what I had planned for this week.

I'm hoping I will find my words by tomorrow.  It is an uneasy blogger who loses their words... and their ponderings.  I blame too much turkey.


lynneinMN said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, despite those driving conditions! Ours changed too! I was the Thanksgiving host for quite a number of years, until our move 3 months ago, that took us 2 hours away from family. Not a terrible drive, but for my dad, who's is, and he refused to do it. SO...I took Thanksgiving up North, cooked the meal, and transported it to my siblings house for her to host. A lot of hassle, but I'm so thankful I can still celebrate this day with my dad present. Our God is an Awesome God. Thankful for your blog, and what you put into it. Enjoy your turkey coma break :-). LynneinWI

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

So glad you were able to go and be with them for Thanksgiving. Piper is so cute and I’m sure everyone enjoyed her!

Vee said...

Ahhh...the trypto hit the phan as they say.

Yes, everything is torn up all the time and it takes years to do the same atretch. I’d like to see something get accomplished in record time for a change. And I want it done right! 😉

Melissa said...

Yes, it's hard to let some things go. But that's how we can adjust to life, doing the good thing. So glad you had the time to spend at their house and still be with family.