Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Afternoon Tea - A return to cozy weather

Autumn 2009
After an unusually warm Fall, the temperatures are just beginning to have that nip in the air that I enjoy.  The unseasonably warm days are now not as warm and not as often.  In my world, warm Falls are about as welcome as snowy Springs.

I have never been fond of Summer.  Well, maybe as a child but even then I don't recall an affection for the heat and humidity.  The closest I came to loving the hottest season of the year was when we lived in Western Michigan but there we had the Lake and the breezes and the vibe that comes with living in a vacation destination.

No, it is Fall that suits me nicely and which I could take for say half the year.  I know the corn crops need heat, as do tomatoes to grow, and some other favorite foods... but I do not.  Although in all honesty, I expect Fall is like Christmas in that the very briefness of it all adds to the magic.

When the air turns colder, I feel calmer.  There is less constant nudging of chores I should be doing outside.  Neither is there the reminder of what I once could do easily but now is more difficult.  Not to mention now that the days of home schooling are behind me, that work no longer needs to be accomplished.

Fall now carries a message of grace and rest.

Once the days are shorter and the air is cooler, the season of reading begins in earnest.  My eye is healing enough that I can read but only a short duration before it aches.  However, each week it is better which gives me hope of a full recovery. 

I used my Amazon credit this month to order a book from England and I'm hoping it will be easy to read by the time it arrives. It is a step of faith.  I was going to order a few Mountain House pouches but I could not resist.  Books are my one weakness.  ;)

There are authors I like to read mostly in Fall like Gladys Taber and Flora Thompson.  I took the Illustrated Lark Rise to Candleford off the shelf this week.  It is a good time for a reread and this edition makes it easy and enjoyable. (The Illustrated Still Glides the Stream is a separate edition.) Gladys' writing will have her time on the coffee table but yet to be decided is which title to reread this year.

The red Lodge Dutch oven is seeing more use now that the temperatures are cooler.  I'm very much a colder weather cook.  The kitchen even looks more cheerful when the sky turns dark earlier.  I think it has something to do with the way the light reflects off the color of the walls and kitchen cabinets when one flicks on the switch.

The flannel sheets were removed from their warm weather home on a closet shelf, washed, and replaced the cooler cotton sheets on the bed.  Florentine has discovered them and was not happy when she was told to move to her comfy folded fleece at the bottom of the bed. 

Victoria absolutely adored colder weather and would stand with her paws in front of the Study window for me to open it in January.  I would have to remind her that we humans were not equipped with the thick coat of fur that makes Maine Coons so beautiful... and then I would let her sit with the cold air blowing her fur for a few minutes.

I fully realize that this season of cool air and falling leaves will soon merge into icy winds and snow.  That season when the gravel road becomes so slick with ice one has to wear boots and trek through the side of the forest to get to the mailbox or risk life and limb.  Not to mention driving on the stuff.  I know it is ahead.

However, let me bask in the golden glow of Fall right now with pumpkin scented candles, a few books, the old throw at the end of the sofa with a cat curled on it, hot tea and cinnamon toast, and on a good day... soup simmering on the stove.  It doesn't last long so I'm going to embrace it right now, for we will blink and it will be winter.

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Image:  Many years ago, I saw this red truck parked on the gravel lane and had to take a photo.  Such a beautiful picture that still makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

We like our weather "perfect", don't we? Loved your post today. You paint such pretty word pictures. So cozy and homey. Love the red truck. "Fall" blessings, Sharon D.

lives in the woods said...

Fall is my favorite time too. I always thought it was because my birthday is in October.

I don't own any Gladys Taber books but she is one of my favorite authors (our library has several of her titles). When I first read your blog, your writing reminded me of hers.

That is a compliment. I love to read her books. They help me fell content and happy at home. Your blog does as well.

Thank you, Brenda. I'm thankful to hear your eye is improving. We will continue to pray for complete healing.

Sandi said...

Grace and rest...ahh!

Sherry said...

beautiful post ..
picture of the truck framed by autumn splendor ..
a link new to me {illustrated guide} ..
loving the cool weather (me too!!!!!!!!!) ..
* it's going to heat up to 85 come wednesday in
my lil corner of existence. not thrilled. but then
the cooler temps will make their entrance, bringing
a smile to my face and a scarf 'round my neck.
looking forward.

Vee said...

Totally in agreement with you and sighing in happy likemindedness. My kitchen looks much more pleasing in autumn light, too. ( I waltzed over to Amazon via your portal to put in my orders for Christmas. I feel so organized for a change.) That red truck in the golden wood is a great photo. A happy capture for sure!

Mairin said...

I enjoyed reading your Ode To Autumn. It had an original ring to it despite the fact that a great proportion of the population must feel the same way. I think most of the pop songs etc. insist on lauding the summer months more out of nostalgia for their youth, swimming holes and moons in June - rather than admitting the taxing season summer can be! Bless!

Keri said...

I agree 100% with your feelings about fall! I think you and I are generally get the same weather, since we're not too terribly far apart (I'm in Louisville, KY), so I've also experienced the unseasonably warm fall, with much frustration. Finally this week is the weather I've been waiting for...and it's even supposed to stick around for a while, which means my birthday next week will be nice and chilly - hooray! Last year, the temp was in the 80s on my late-October birthday, and it took all of my self-control not to spend the day pouting. ;-)

And I can see why that photo is one of your favorites. It's so perfectly picturesque!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I am such a fall person! I, too, prefer to cook in the autumn, and winter, my house, I feel, is at its best in the autumn!

People moan to me about fall - "because that means winter is next!" I know it is, but as you say, let's bask in autumns glory right now!