Thursday, July 27, 2017

Q & A: The Amazon Widget

I was asked about the change in Amazon Widgets and I can say this... I feel your pain!  I liked the old widget that had been there for many years but unfortunately, Amazon discontinued it a couple years ago.  I could keep it on the sidebar but I could not add anything or take anything away.  So in the past few months, I've noticed more "No Longer Available" icons next to products.

It was time to remove it and replace it with the new embedded widget that Amazon now promotes.  They prefer it to be within each post but that doesn't work for me.  I actually have four books on the widget but only two show up at any time.  I played around with various options and I'll continue as time permits.

In the meantime, I'm pondering ways to keep lists of favorite books and products available.  Once again, as there is time.  I'm already behind in letters, emails, etc. due to the eyesight issue (the medicine is working!).  I have an idea, though.  Which is a beginning!

Thank you VERY MUCH to everyone who makes a purchase from following a link or through clicking on the sidebar widget.  I know there are a number of dear blog friends who return to Coffee Tea Books & Me and either click on the widget or on a link to take them to before starting their shopping. 

Even though I earn only a tiny amount on each purchase, it adds up to be very helpful to my budget.  No amount is too small since Amazon counts not only the prices of object but the number of purchases made.  So it may be a third party purchase that earns only a few cents in credit but it counts as a full purchase.  The overall percentage one earns is determined by the number of purchases made through the links or widgets each month.

Thank you again my friends.  It really does make a difference.  I'll be working on how to replace the information that was on the old widget, too.

:) Brenda


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I have been wondering whether, since I have some of each purchase going to Wounded Warriors, when I go to amazon from your widget, you actually get any credit...

mdoe37 said...

I click through the links you show in the posts. I have a couple people around that have me order things for them as I have Prime.....and then I go find a link. lol It really just takes a second and I'm glad you get a little bit extra from it!

So glad your eyes are getting better too! They've made a decision to do a bunch of really small doses of radiation on my eye to blast away that growth. Here's to seeing you better!

Mary Jane said...

Dear Brenda I am so happy to read your eyesight continues to improve. I will wait patiently as you ponder the Amazon Widget. Please take care of yourself.

Vee said...

Is the widget in your sidebar now? I am on my iPad if that makes a difference, but I do not see the widget.