Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Afternoon Tea - Leaving the Hygge Behind

Although I subscribe to Tsh's podcast, The Art of Simple, I had bookmarked the page for the Hygge podcast (where one can listen online) because it had the show notes.  I love the whole concept of hygge (pronounced who-gah) for living in a cozy and beautiful environment is probably the subtitle of my life.

One good thing about being forced to sit for awhile was finally listening to this particular podcast.  I enjoyed it very much and even though I have read books about hygge, I learned something.  Having said that... when we were hit with more snow last week and my daughter's area had a second huge snowstorm in a row... I told her I was all hygge-d out. 

It is time to put away the warm and cozy stuff until October when I will be longing for it again.  I am ready for warmer temperatures and opening the window for a breeze and planting stuff and the return of the shades of green.  I adore candles in the dark months but come Spring, I have one sitting on my desk for the scent and that's it. 

Although I am glad it has been cold for I'm not quite ready to give up making soup.  As I type, I have turkey stock simmering on the stove.  The turkey I'd defrosted for a week was roasted today, all the meat plucked off in much the same way my mother would pluck the feathers off a hen. Florie sat at my feet waiting for pieces of turkey to drop "accidentally".  

In cold weather, both of my stockpots are stored on a bench in the Family Room to have them near.  One was brought into the kitchen for the turkey to simmer into rich stock, which will be transformed to soup tomorrow.  There is something about making stock from something that would otherwise be thrown away that does my heart good.

I love the cold months when the simmering soup steams up the Kitchen window and the aroma of supper can be breathed in as soon as one walks through the front door.  That's hygge-ish if there ever was anything warm and cozy.

However, it is almost time to trade in hot drinks and soup and fuzzy socks and flannel sheets and warm throws and the sun setting below the horizon at 5:00 for long hours of sunlight and flowers. I look forward to that first really warm day when I can open the kitchen window and feel a breeze on my face as I wash dishes, the scent of Mrs. Meyers mingling with the scent of wet grass from the breeze.

The deck plants can be moved back to their home on the front porch and the pillow for the rocking chair pulled out of my closet, giving space for clothes and shoes once again.  I love that old wicker rocking chair, which once sat on my neighbor's porch before I rescued it from the trash when he was moving.  He said that was fine. 

This winter was hard for a lot of people.  I can't recall hearing of so much illness.  The crazy temperature extremes and rain when it should have been snowing didn't help at all.  So I'm thinking a lot of us will be happy to feel warm sunshine on our face. I'm looking forward to the dogwood tree blooming and the crab apple popping with color.  Still to come is that one time of year when my neighbor's tree blesses with the most lovely perfume as one walks the gravel lane to the mailbox.

Yes, it is time to leave the warm and cozy behind and walk out into some sunshine again.  I need to take advantage of the nice weather (when it finally arrives) before heat sets in and I retreat into the air conditioning.  Always remembering that without that heat, there would be no tomatoes or corn on the cob or watermelon or basil... and trying to not complain.  Much.

Since it is still cold, I am now off to the kitchen to brew some hot tea and make a turkey sandwich with mayo for dinner, along with a clementine I think.  The stock will cool down and have a place in the refrigerator overnight, when in the morning it will be drained into a smaller pot for potatoes and carrots to be added. 

The calendar may be telling us it is Spring but the need for my coat as I walk the gravel lane for the newspaper in the morning says it is still Winter... and still the season of soup for supper.

The Art of Simple, Episode 57, Hygge... here.

Image: Warming Up in Badger's Kitchen by Chris Dunn


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It's still cold here too! I'm ready for sunshine and flowers also!

Terra said...

That painting is so comfy and charming, totally hygge. What is your neighbor's tree that has such a great scent? I might plant it, I am looking for another scented tree or shrub to plant. Would you leave me a comment on my blog with the tree type? Maybe you included it but I don't see it, ha ha.

LauraC said...

I love the badger's house artwork! That's my favorite part of that book.

Vee said...

I keep forgetting that hygge is pronounced that way and not high-gee, which is my preferred way to think of it. 😜This is reminiscent of my not liking the character Phoebe in my story of long ago once my mother corrected my pronunciation and the character went from fobe to feebee. I really couldn't think of her the same way again. Poor little Fobe.

This post was so comforting to read and would have earned an A+ in my essay writing class most especially for hitting on most of the five senses. Is it missing hearing or am I missing paying attention?

Sandi said...

High gee!!!

Yea, that's how I say it. ;-)

rebecca said...

Hygge-ing now - 5ish in the morning - as hubby and I drink coffee he's prepared out of our favorite mugs. Footrests up, backs of recliners slightly back. One three-way lamp on its lowest setting. Hum of refrigerator in the other room...

At again in the evening, after table games as the 8:00 hour rolls around. Seated at the kitchen table with my husband and father. I get up from the table to make the two of them a cup of hot chocolate. (Wondering what I'll do with the coming of warmer weather???? What form will evening hygge-ing assume??? Will it be as satisfying as cold weather hygge-ing??? How do you SPELL "hygge-ing"???)