Friday, November 18, 2016

David Jeremiah Airship Genesis: Kids Study Bible, a review

I have a fondness for kid's Bibles that will develop in them a desire to learn more about the Word.  This one is perfect for today's kids who love colorful illustrations and frankly need something exciting to draw them in.  There is so much competition from the super heroes books, games, and movies and we want them to know the True Super Hero.

The Bible itself is sturdy, with a padded cover that looks like it could take a lot of abuse when used by kids who tend to drop things and throw them in a pile.  Yes, even the Word of God.  It is written in the New King James translation.

This is a true study Bible which follows the Genesis Exploration Squad through the pages of Scripture with "Logos Discovery" inserts, historical inserts, maps, "Power Source" inserts (how the Bible verse applies to their life today), colorful illustration pages of well known Bible stories, etc.  I have included a link to the Airship Genesis website for further information.

I agreed to review this Bible because I remember trying to find one that would attract my (then) elementary school age son to read the Word more often.  This Bible would definitely have been one he would have enjoyed... and I knew I could trust David Jeremiah!

The Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible was provided for the sake of review by the publisher but the opinions are my own.

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Vee said...

Oh that looks cool! Thank you for the review.