Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Book Talk - Let the Christmas Reading Commence

That was the title I put on the above photo in Instagram.  I have read Christmas related books in December as long as I can remember.  However, a few years ago I realized to read even part of the books I wanted to, I'd have to begin before December.

I would have started earlier but I had a stack of review books waiting.  Now that I'm down to only two, it is time to enjoy the best reading the Season has to offer!  You will notice some books are specifically Christmas related, while others have Christmas scenes as part of the book.

Here is what I'm reading in the next, oh... four or so weeks.  Some are rereads so they are quickly enjoyed while I always try to get one new Christmas volume and it takes longer.

Mid-November Through Early December Reading

A City of Bells is one of my favorite Goudge books and the one I think of most often.  While not a Christmas book, most of it does take place during the season of Advent.  It is usually the first book I read just because I love it so much. (Photo above kinda')

The Sister of the Angels is a Christmas story sequel to the above book.  It is fully about Christmas in the City of Bells.  This was my new-to-me purchase I think last year?  Time goes so quickly I forget.  It takes a little work to find an inexpensive copy but well worth it if you love Elizabeth Goudge books. (Photo above sorta')

Shepherds Abiding is my very favorite Mitford novel by Jan Karon.  I have loved this story since the first time I read it.  If you haven't read any Mitford books, don't worry... this is definitely a stand alone Christmas story.

Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus is Edited by Nancy Guthrie and has twenty-two readings for Advent from various favorite authors.  I've used it for a number of years now once we get into December proper.

Winter Song Christmas Reading is by Madeleine L'Engle & Luci Shaw.  This is a beautiful book of prose and poetry that fans of these two writers will enjoy.  I've used it along with the Nancy Guthrie book for years as a sort of Advent devotional.  It is easy to pick up and read a short story or a poem on a quick break from work.

Christmas at Fairacre contains three Miss Read Christmas stories:  Village Christmas, The Christmas Mouse, and No Holly for Miss Quinn.  They are all perfect cozy reading when it is cold outside (or warm in the Southern Hemisphere!).  If you have never read a Miss Read book, this is a good place to begin as they are all stand alone stories.

Finding Father Christmas/Engaging Father Christmas is a new paperback version which combines two of Robin Jones Gunn's previous Christmas books.  This is my new purchase this year, with Amazon credit (I thank you!).  I know people who have read them and love them so I am looking forward to cozy reading, probably in early December.

I have a few other Christmas books I hope to squeeze in before Christmas proper.  I'll write about them next month.

Books mentioned in this post*:
A City of Bells... here.**
Sister of the Angels... here.**
Shepherds Abiding... here.
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus... here.
Winter Song... here.
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Finding Father Christmas/Engaging Father Christmas... here.

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** An excellent source of out of print books by Elizabeth Goudge (and other great authors) is Lanier's Books.  Link... here.  Click the Bookshop link on the sidebar.  Tell her I sent you.  ;)

Image:  Instagram @coffeeteabooksandme.  Teacup is Friendly Village.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I also re-read Shepherd's Abiding every Christmas.

I've not read any of these others. I would love to find more Goudge books at a reasonable price. Lanier doesn't have City of Bells or the Christmas sequel.

I'll keep my eye out!

rebecca said...

What a lovely idea - Christmas-themed books for the month of December! I've read several of these, just not repeatedly. Hmmmmmmmm.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Thank you for these suggestions! I also love City of Bells. And doesn't Pilgrims Inn have some Christmas pageant in it? Or am I confusing it with something else. Shepherds Abiding is my favorite Mitford book, too. And you mention a few I've never heard of and will have to look for. It's a good time to gather my Christmas/Advent books together now.

Unknown said...

I've been able to find Goudge books from for reasonable prices. I Saw Three Ships is a sweet, short, Goudge Christmas read also! -Joy

The Journey said...

I am so enjoying Mrs Read's Christmas stories. One I'd read- others I had not. Hard book to put down.

Sunshine said...

Oh neat, I haven't read any of these. So glad to get some new titles - how are you? I feel like I rarely get to stop by and read and say hi - but wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving!!!