Friday, October 28, 2016

The Great Good Thing; A Secular Jew comes to Faith in Christ, a review

I had not read any of Andrew Klavan's well known crime or mystery novels but I can tell you this, he writes one beautiful memoir.  Sometimes a memoir or autobiography can be choppy but this one is so easy to read that it is a delight.

The Great Good Thing is about the author's coming to Christ in middle age.  It is not your typical "come to Jesus" book nor is it one that contains a lot of evangelical wording.  Instead it is a fascinating story of one man, who was born to nonreligious Jews, and through the wooing of the Hound of Heaven... came to believe that Jesus was who He claimed to be 2,000 years ago.

This is the kind of gift I'd give to philosophical non-Christian friends as a foot in the door, an opening up a discussion kind of story.  Some may find it deficient in detail about doctrine and followup but I don't believe that is the purpose of the memoir.  It is not a book about theology but a story of a very long and well thought out conversion.  Sometimes that is what it takes.  Very good!

The Great Good Thing was provided for the sake of review by the publisher but the opinions are my own.

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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Andrew Klavan's writing! He can grab you from the get-go and keep you hanging on until the back cover. He gives the thriller genre a good name. I would love to read this memoir. I had no idea he had such an interesting testimony!

Vee said...

Oh this does sound good. I noticed the differences in terminology between "completed Jew" and "Christian" and I wondered if he made this distinction. I do enjoy a good conversation.

Terra said...

This book sounds wonderful, I will keep it in mind. And he writes crime novels too for me to also look for.