Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Tea - God's October Love

There are those who must live close to the ocean to fill their soul.  Others need a mountain view.  As for me, I need trees.  Lots of trees.  Perhaps a cornfield here and there and a barn to pass by but mostly... trees.

This afternoon, I took a mug of hot apple cider and my Bible out to the front porch just to sit on the bench, to enjoy the seventy degree air and the view.  This has not been what one would call a "good color year" for there has been too much rain and too many very warm days this Fall.  But even if it isn't great color... it is good enough.

I sipped the hot apple cider and watched leaves raining all around as the occasional gusty breeze was felt in the forest.  The leaves, mostly dry and brown and brittle... but watching them as they let go gracefully and fell to the ground brought to mind a lesson that perhaps we shouldn't hold on to this world too forcefully when it is our time to rain. 

I was entranced by the October forest.  Thankfully, before I decided to sit on the porch, I had washed the breakfast and lunch dishes and all I had to do today was to write this blog post.  But it couldn't quite reach from my thoughts to the keyboard.  Not yet. 

I knew what I wanted to write.  About how each October the changing of the leaves remind me of how much God loves us.  What He has in store for us someday.  For there... beneath the shade of green... He has hidden brilliant colors of burgundy and gold and chartreuse and bright red and sometimes a mixture of them all.

Each Autumn, after the heat of the Summer and before the frigid Winter winds hit the forest... He gives us the most glorious explosion of color.  Even on those years such as this when it is subtle, there is a dull faded beauty to it all.

He didn't have to design the seasons this way.  But He knew that when the trees become but sculptures... silhouettes of black and grey and every shade in between against the white of snow... we would remember Autumn.  When Spring arrives again and life returns and flowers bloom and the trees regain their leaves... we know the color awaits.

As I sipped hot apple cider from a favorite mug and gazed at the scenery... the forest which is half as thick as it was last week... my neighbor's red barn now in sight as the trees between us have lost their leaves... the squirrels rustling around to store their food for the cold days... the scent of the forest and somewhere someone was burning leaves... I felt Him near.

How could I not trust Him in the days to come when every year... before the frosty winds blow from the North... He puts on a show for the senses.  Every October He reminds us that there was color there all the time.

We just have to have a little faith, about the size of a mustard see so He told us when walking this earth.  Not a whole lot... just a little... enough. He just asks that we believe what He said and that we trust when He tells us it all works out in the end.

Right now our life may look like this year's forest, rather battered by the heat and the rain and the wind.  We feel as lifeless as those brown and brittle leaves.  But He is there and as we look around we will trust that there is color left and life and hope and answers to prayer. 

It has been there all along.  The lesson He provides each October.

Image:  Ducks Unlimited:  As Good as Home


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, thank you! Autumn is my favorite season. I miss, miss, miss the red barn picture you once had at the top of your page. Do you think you could change it back for the season?

Anonymous said...

I am loving it right now too...don't mind wearing a jacket...or a bit of rain here and there...even much rain some days...Fall is my favored season...just love the colors, whether as vivid this year as another or not, matters not!! I needed the extra colors and beauty this month...been a rough month in this house!!
Elizabeth in WA

Vee said...

Odd that we have experienced similar summers...drought and dust...with different autumn results. Here has been the most wonderful foliage season in recent memory. Probably an analogy there, too. Are you able to see your neighbor's barn yet? =D

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

What beautiful imagery you painted with your words. Inspiring! Hope you are feeling well!

Angela said...

Oh Brenda, That is so beautiful it makes my heart hurt!

Anonymous said...

I just told my husband, "I'ts amazing what she writes. It's a God-given gift." Such a beautiful post. I love the fall season, the colors, pumpkins, and the feel in the air. And I love your descriptive view of fall. Blessings to you as you are a blessing to us, Sharon D.

Kellylynn said...

Love <3

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We had a lot of rain in the spring, plenty through early summer and then not so much in the late summer. I expected a lovely autumn color wise but the colors have been a bit duller this year. Perhaps it is the lack of a freeze, though one is expected tonight. I still enjoy it. My favorite season, and I'm thankful for it every year. It's like God is reminding us of His presence and His goodness, in creating it just so for our enjoyment.