Thursday, July 21, 2016

Book Talk - The rest of July

My Air Conditioned Happy Place

If you live somewhere within the continental USA, chances are you are melting at the moment when not in air conditioning.  It is sweltering outside...  I've been thinking of going to the library today but so far sanity has prevailed and I've stayed inside.  Although the deck flowers will need a drink of water this afternoon so the need to do more than peek out the door becomes necessary.

I've been chipping away at July reading and got caught up in a reality TV series as a result of it.  I'd been curious about the show called The Last Alaskans on Animal Planet but when reviewing Braving It, I found out the cousin the author and his daughter stay with through much of the book is one of the families on The Last Alaskans.  So, of course, there was a connection to the people and the land already. 

The series is so interesting and a hot summer day was a perfect time to watch a few episodes.  You have to be made of strong stuff to live off the grid in Alaska... or perhaps anywhere.  It makes me thankful for indoor plumbing and not having to be concerned about bears in the forest.

I finished Joanne Weir's memoir/cookbook called Kitchen Gypsy after slowly perusing it for weeks.  It was so enjoyable and it is fascinating, how one decision after another that seemed insignificant at the time led to where she is today.  For instance, while on a visit to California she had lunch with her sister at Alice Water's Chez Panisse and loved the experience so much she later moved to the state and eventually became a chef there.

I want to do a quick reread some day, perhaps this Autumn.  The section of the book where she travels and cooks in different countries begs for more attention than I could give at the time.  Her writing is as enjoyable as her cooking shows on PBS.

I am slowly rereading An Everlasting Meal, there is a reason it is one of my all time favorite books... ever.  Not only about cooking but especially about cooking.  Does that make sense?  She causes me to think of ways to use veggies that I didn't know was possible in the chapter about vegetables.  I need to reread this book at the beginning of every season for inspiration.

It is quite by accident there is a food theme in my reading because Summer is the one time of the year I don't enjoy cooking. My favorite meals lend themselves more to cooler temperatures.  Having said that, I have been pulling cookbooks off the shelves in the kitchen and looking for ideas.

August will most likely continue to be a month of mostly summer rereading.  I haven't accepted any new review books in the past two weeks, so at least for awhile I'll have time to reread old favorites.  I already know I want to reread Christy, it has been ages since I reread that and I'm thinking cool mountain air sounds very good right now.

I adore the Smoky Mountains... even if the visit is vicariously appreciated.  We honeymooned in the Smoky Mountains and have driven through them a couple times since then.  They are beautiful and Christy is also one of my most beloved books.

Until August...

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Terra said...

You are finding ideal reading for hot summer days. Your room in your photo is very attractive; I can imagine you reading there.

Anonymous said...

We enjoy watching several shows on Alaska, one of which is The Last Alaskans. So interesting! I just checked out My Heart's in the Lowlands by Liz CurtIs Higgs from the library and am just beginning it. I thought it would be a nice summertime read. Always appreciate your recommendations!
Hope you stay cool! One trick my daughter told me about, is freezing seedless grapes to eat! It's like eating Popsicles! (Only healthier!)
Laura C.(WA)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

My company left yesterday and I am trying to get back into a routine! It was wonderful to have them here but I didn't read much while they were here!

I love Christy, too, and haven't read it in years. I have two copies and should pull one out and re-read it!

We are beginning to cook here temperature wise and it looks as if it will be in the upper 80's and 90's for the next several weeks at least. A very good time to read inside!