Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Tea - The Christmas Worldview

"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has
risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."
C. S. Lewis

During the last year we were homeschooling full time, I taught a class about "worldview" for our co-op.  What is a worldview? The simplest definition is, "the lens from which you view life".  How you perceive reality may be a little more metaphysical.

I had the middle school and high school age kids read fiction and nonfiction to better understand how different writers can look at the same subject and come up with totally different conclusion, all because of their personal worldview.  That lens through which we view the world.

I love the above quote by C. S. Lewis for it describes my worldview completely.  I look at everything through the lens of my Christian faith.  It keeps me calm in a crazy world.  I can look at current events in the light of Christ's return and while the news leaves me apprehensive, my worldview tells me all is well in the end.

The King is Coming!

The more years that have passed, I am finding there is another type of Christian worldview.  What I would call a "Christmas worldview".  It is what I experience from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day each year.  Most years.  Not all of them.   There have been Holiday seasons when the sparkle was dim due to life's events.

Most years, I choose sparkle.  For you see, to me the entire Season is when Heaven bends down and kisses the Earth.  Just as in that first Christmas.   My house never looks as good or smells as good or feels as warm and cozy as it does during this Season of Christ-mas.  The music plays in the background as I cut out the cookie dough or chop the onions or address Christmas cards.

Candles flicker on dark days and most nights.  The Christmas tree lights are plugged in on my way to make morning coffee and again when the sun is setting in the December's early evening.  This is the time of deepest darkness and the season of... sparkle and light.

There is a Christmas worldview because of the first Advent.  We cut out cookies in the shapes of stars and angels as well as snowmen and candy canes.  We give gifts like wise men once gave and assemble together to sing His praises as the angels did that first Christmas morning.

The first Advent, the culmination of the first Testament, brought us not a King... but a Savior.

The second Advent, which is soon to come, is the culmination of the second Testament.  That which brings Hope to us in this dark world.  This time, the baby in the manger returns as the Lion of Judah.  How better can it be stated than in these words by Handel:

The kingdom of this world
Is become the kingdom of our Lord,
And of His Christ, and of His Christ;
And He shall reign for ever and ever...

The world is much as it was at the time of the first Advent.  There is war and rumors of war.  Those who believed were in danger, downtrodden, and martyred.  The enemy of our souls appeared to be winning for awhile.

However... that which he intended for evil, God knew would bring much good.  For the Gospel was taken to the world.  The good news spread to the North and the South and the East and the West. 

As we read our Bibles with a candle flickering, perhaps the Christmas tree lit, and a hot beverage at our side (cold for our Australian friends)... we know the Truth.  We sense it in every cell of our being.  His return is soon.  This old world wouldn't last much longer without it.

If you have not accepted Jesus as Savior, if you have not asked Him to forgive your sins as the Son of God.  If Christmas is only at the Mall and not in your heart... what are you waiting for?   Find a Bible.  Read the Gospels.  Start with Luke where we learn most about this precious Baby who grew to give His life... to take back the Keys to the Kingdom from Lucifer.

Read Isaiah 53 if you are a Jewish brother or sister.  What a remarkable Christmas gift to lay at His feet.  The very thing He most wants from from the humanity He created.  The reason He came that very first Christmas.  He wants... you, your love, your eternal presence with Him.   That is the Christmas worldview.

Advent past.  Advent future.  Christmas now.

So, my precious friends.  When you listen to the evening news or read the headlines of the paper, know this...  Aslan is on the move.


suzanne said...

this is a wonderful post to read over and over and ponder. I like the sentence about Jesus coming to take the keys of the Kingdom back from Lucifer. And when He comes again it will be to gather the people of His Kingdom to Himself! Amen and halleluiah.

Vee said...

In agreement...Aslan is on the move. And I love the beautiful picture of Christmas cozy you paint with your words. Makes me breathe deeply and I can almost smell the onions...let's change that to cinnamon.

Judy said...

How comforting to know that amidst the world's dark winter of suffering, Aslan is on the move... He is our hope!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful words. We have hope and a future because of our soon-coming King, Lord and Savior. Such a beautiful word picture you have given us today. As I have said before God has given you such a special gift of words. Blessings, Sharon D.

tealady said...

LOVELY.that is all I could come up with. Thanks

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Yes, yes, yes!

I love this phrase A Christmas Worldview!

Glorying in His gift to mankind, His wonderful plan. Thankful for His ocming.


Leslie said...

What a wonderful read!!! A "Christmas" worldview is a great way to put it, and I also take heart in that! It is our story to get caught up in...the gospel and the one of His kingdom coming to earth...and that is truly good news! Thanks for this reminder and bringing the Lord back into the season. Also, enjoy your cozy Christmas home!

Mary said...

Amen and amen! Thank you, Brenda....God bless you and yours. Maranatha!