Friday, August 14, 2015

Stephanie's New Blog!

Stephanie has had a new blog domain for awhile but she has been very busy to do what was necessary to get it started.  But it is ready and I can't wait to see what she writes there.  The new blog reflects where she is right now, both literary ponderings and to follow the progress of her new project.

For you see, her Tookish side has come out.  Well, it has always been prevalent.  But not long ago she started a project that probably has even the Tookish folks in awe.  More than once I asked her if she was certain this is where God was leading?  Typical mother I assure you as I was thinking of the work involved and she is already up-to-her-eyes busy.

But when we were there in May, she drove her dad and I by the land.  Oh, my.  That land.  I can see why it sparked their new adventure.

So for awhile, I will leave up Cottage Thoughts on my "Favorites" widget on the sidebar.  But if you click on that photo of Stephanie on the sidebar, the one that obviously says "My Daughter's Blog"... it will now take you to Soar Cloud-High.

Oh, and so will clicking... here.  ;)

Image:  Swiped borrowed from Soar Cloud-High.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Headed over and read! I am so excited for them! I added her to my friends page so I can remember to keep up with her project!


Anonymous said...

You have a very wise daughter for one so young. Downsizing now will not only make her life less "cluttered" to allow her more time and truly enjoy what she has, but she is also teaching her children what my Mom always said..."less is more". Besides...its much easier to do all that downsizing work when your younger than when you pass the 60 mark! I look forward to following her progress in this new venture!

Blessings, Marsha