Saturday, August 15, 2015

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Keeping on... Keeping on

It seems there has been a lot of "little bit at a time" work all summer.  Speaking of which, I am so ready for Autumn!  The heat and humidity have returned and I've never been a Summer person.  Except when we lived near Lake Michigan.  But I digress...

I had that one last item to check off the first Procrastination List and even that was turned into smaller steps.  The setting up of an online account for my insurance has been accomplished and options perused.  I still need to find out if my previous retinal specialist is on their approved list.

But it is quite wonderful to think of everything that was accomplished this Summer and for the most part, all of it broken down into little "easier to handle" bits and pieces of work.  A lot can be accomplished by "keeping on... keeping on".

I've decided my next Procrastination List will only be the garage for that in itself is a huge project.  I used to keep up with it nicely but ummm... it got away from me.  Big time.  So as I've done in the past, what is up to me to organize will be accomplished a little at a time and then Hubby takes over the big stuff.  That which requires heavy lifting and all.

Okay... there is a second and much smaller organization project come to think of it.  That was put off due to circumstances beyond my control.  Mr. & Mrs. Christopher have decided that 1) they do want the large bookshelf in the Study but 2) there is no room for it in his present little home office.  So I'm to keep it for another couple of years but I can use it.

So here is what I'm going to do.  Aren't you glad you asked?  I'm going to get everything out of the bottom of my son's closet (which is still stuffed full of his things that he obviously does not need at the moment) and stack his books on the bottom of that closet.

So he won't be taking the bookshelf or many of his books but he will be forced to make a decision on some other items.  Hehehe...  Of course, I can make some decisions for him.  Just as I am some of his stuff in the garage.  For instance, he will never be in a size Medium clothing again so his mid-teen clothes will go to charity.

Back to the garage and all.  Getting the deep freeze all nicely defrosted made it possible for my most recent essential purchase.  I had one five pound bag of King Arthur All Purpose flour left so I put my Pantry Budget into purchasing four bags, when I could get them at a good price.  They are now in the deep freeze getting debugged.  I know some people say one should put them in the freezer, take them out a few weeks, and then put them back in for another couple of weeks.

But frankly, just thinking of keeping track of all that makes me tired.  So I leave them in their plastic grocery bags, throw them gently place them in the deep freeze, and bring them out in a couple of weeks.  Never had a problem with bugs by doing it that way.  Frankly, I have forgotten to put them in the freezer and haven't had a bug problem but I don't want to take that chance.

I'm still reading and watching and listening to those folks talking about possible economic issues this Fall.  I must admit my friends, it has been quite amazing how God gives the grace to a person for what He wants them to do... and when he wants them to do it.  For I have been avoiding spending time listening to negative newscasts and such (much less these kinds of newscasts and articles!) for a few years.  Now I can't get enough of them and I can listen without getting upset, annoyed, or frightened.  He is so amazing.

But I do not have the same grace when it comes to 2016 election coverage.  Already.  Too much.  Just saying...

I have a couple links for you this week:

A Working Pantry always has interesting information and I've enjoyed their $5.00 pantry challenges.  I may not stock a lot of rice like they suggest (for white rice is like pure sugar to the body) but I do get lots of ideas.  I have plenty of packages of beans put back instead.  Their link is... here.

I enjoy reading information from The Kitchn, so much so that I receive their updates via e-mail.  So I was very interested in their take on putting together a Disaster Kit.  As per their usual articles, this one is easy for readers to do and I thought very good on their selection of items to put in the kit.  It is good information for stocking pantry basics, too. 

I love it that one of their recommendations is Twinkies for these people tend to be very  health savvy.  But if you stop to think of it, they do have a frightening long shelf life.  :)  That link is... here.


Annabel Smith said...

I already follow A working pantry and love it but I have not seen the other blog you mention (the kitchen one) so I am heading over to have a look, thank you.
I am a do a little bit at a time person.... I started with the Flylady 15 minute method. It works so well! I can do anything for 15 minutes! Also I do a ten item challenge ie clearing a room or tidying up... just ten items a day. It conquers antything!
Thank you for a lovely post. xxx

Vee said...

Hahahaha...On the Twinkies recommendation. I used to like them, but I am convinced that they changed the formula. (I feel this way about many of my former loves...someone's been messing with the recipe.) This may be too much politics for you, but I just heard from D.T. speech that Nabisco is moving its Chicago facility to Mexico. Bye bye Cheese Nips. Sigh.

You have done very well breaking your tasks down to bite-sized chunks. I have tried to do that upstairs this week. John asked me how much longer and I assured him that I could be there for an additional two years and it still might not be done. Fabric: I either love it or hate it depending on when asked.

Not going to stew over the predicitons for a September crash...just not feeling that panic, but I am feeling the panic over "if fall is coming can winter be far behind..."

Have a great week, Brenda!

Deanna Rabe said...

I got distracted by your links and almost forgot to leave a comment!

You've done so well this summer with your projects! Good for you.

I am stocking up and have done better than I thought. The kids usually take the food items for the big freezer downstairs, so I took time this week to have a look and organize it. I'm glad I did. It is better stocked than I thought!


Diane Pedrosa said...

Elizabeth Elliott had a saying..."Just do the next thing." It helps me to keep perspective when the jobs are looming.