Thursday, March 05, 2015

My World this Week

As I will show later, March definitely came in like a lion in my world!  The snow is still high and the ice makes the gravel lane... interesting.  But a warm up is expected on the weekend.  It will not come soon enough for those of us trudging through snow to get the mail.

This week has just flown by and I can't tell you what I accomplished.  I have one scrapbook page finished, just a place to park my March "To Do" list.  Review books have been read and a couple more are on the way.  

With the snow and subzero temperatures, even the outside photos here were taken from my front porch and kitchen window!  So, this is what has been happening in my world this week as seen through the lens of a camera... from the inside.

I have had A Long Obedience in the Same Direction on my Kindle for ages now.  Last week, I decided I needed to peruse some good theology and this book is on the "Favorites" list of people I admire.

I located it in the Kindle where it had patiently waited for my affections.  It is wonderful.  Eugene Peterson writes beautifully and simply.  Information... here.

Scrapbook Journal

Simply a page cut from a magazine, a typed out To Do list using the Underwood Champion font (which I really like for scrapbook journaling), a little stick-on message, and narrow washi tape for the edges.

The recipe for these muffins are in Homemade, one of my very favorite recipe books.  Info... here

I just tweaked the recipe to make it blueberry lemon by adding lemon zest and drizzling a lemon-confectioners sugar glaze to guild the lily.

March 1st

Her Fluffiness
I am not sure what she is looking at but I highly suspect it has wings.  ;)

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Anonymous said...

The muffins look scrumptious! It's a good day even here in East Texas so stay home with a cup of hot chocolate, a good book, and a cozy throw on the sofa. Love your kitchen window arrangement--like the symmetrical (sp?) lineup. Blessings, Sharon D.

Rebecca said...

It's probably time for me to pull out that Peterson book and reread....He's one of my favorite contemporary writers. I so respect his ministry choices and admire his mind and writing abilities.

The muffins look fantastic. Makin' me hungry here - and the scenery (snow) looks all too familiar!

Can't WAIT for springlike weather.

Rachel H said...

It's been warm here in north Florida. In the 70's for the last few days, but rain moving through and getting down into the thirties tonight! So winter is hanging on. Azaleas and Japanese Magnolias are blooming, so splashes of color everywhere. Your home looks so cozy with the snow outside. Sounds like you are getting a lot of reading done. A book and those blueberry muffins make a great combination!

ellen b said...

Our March came in like a lamb. I'm bracing myself for the end of March and hope it's not too lionish.
I have that book on my shelf and like Rebecca it would be a good re-read. With weather like that outside your window I can't think of anything better than being able to pull those beautiful muffins out of the oven!

Heather LeFebvre said...

It was fun to turn the calendars over this week! I'm spoiled to have both the large and small Susan Branch this year!!! Looking forward to that 55 degrees next week! Was IN BED all day Saturday feeling awful and what turned out to be a cold has lasted all week. Boy has it sapped the energy and the sleep. Trying to give myself a break, and wait...... :)

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Lovely post today, as usual. I think spring has forgotten us here in the north! Your snow pics are beautiful, but not the freezing temps. Love your kitchen window, your books and your muffins. I will give the recipe a try. Her fluffiness looks very content, she is ever beautiful! Have a good week. Love and Hugs, Nana

suzanne said...

Aaahh,,,your "my world this week" posts are like a small oasis in the chaos of the world. I love the cozy look of the kitchen window display. And..that scrapbook page is awesome! That inspires me to get started on one. Snow pix so pretty,,,I love the light that snow creates.

Vee said...

Our March came in is cold, though we missed out on all this snow. (It slipped out to sea south of us.) Oh my! I hope that you get just the right warm-up to dispatch this stuff without troubles. I love Susan Branch's calendar many fun things to read! Bet you identified with the kitty footprints. =D

Anonymous said...

Nice ideas here, Brenda...enjoy seeing what you do with the scrapbooking....

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Our March came in lionish, too!

We've had ice, and now we have 10 1/2 inches of snow today!

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and the world most definitely showed its lion side in my part of Texas. Have a good weekend.

Deb said...

I've said it before, but I always love these My World This Week posts. We have snow, too--another 6" yesterday, so I'm stranded inside. I have sewing on my docket. Love the Susan Branch calendar page. Enjoy your snowy day!