Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My World this Week

I'm a little under the weather  with the huge temperature changes going on in the Midwest.  It is to be around 60 today and 8 by tomorrow night... with a snowstorm on the way.  But soon Spring will arrive to stay.  :)

Mornings have been a little on the drowsy side as my body still thinks it is an hour earlier.  But I love it when we "spring forward" because the timing of the setting sun is later.  Somehow it makes me feel like the day suddenly became much longer!

So... here is my world this week through the lens of the camera.


This week's stack of books is almost the same as last week, except with the addition of Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life.*  I just started perusing it but so far it looks like all the great comments I've seen online are true.

It's a beautiful book and so well written that it is enjoyable to read as well as look at all the beautiful pictures and illustrations.  All my current reading is nonfiction and easy to pick up when I'm in the mood for certain writing.


I don't watch The Food Network like I once did.  So many of the shows are all glitz, glamor, and entertainment these days.

But one I do enjoy is Heartland Table and a new season started on Saturday.  It is fun to watch and the recipes look delicious.  I've already decided to try the swiss chard recipe from this past week.


I love the way silver adds a touch of jewelry to a home.   Especially when it is newly polished.  I actually like to polish silver as long as it is not too tarnished.

But obviously a lot of people do not like having to polish it, as one can purchase used silver pieces quite often at thrift stores, antique malls, and even Goodwill.  That is how I have a collection at very inexpensive prices.

Apron love

I found a "just the right size" set of hooks at Goodwill for 99 cents recently.  Now I have a place for my aprons in the kitchen.

Bowl collection

I never intended to collect bowls but over the years I've purchased quite a few, usually at garage sales or while thrifting.  Each bowl fits a specific purpose.  Like a tool.  I've tried to explain that to my husband.

The really big bowl at the bottom of the stack has been with me since the 1990s and was my pricier purchase at the time.  But it has served the family well since then.

Her Fluffiness

Once in awhile her inner jungle kitty personality escapes and we find her in the oddest places.

* Amazon Associate's Link.  I receive a small percentage of the purchase in Amazon credit and it costs neither of us anything.


Anonymous said...

What a dramatic temperature fluctuation! I wonder if we'll be having a similar change. Today I am grateful for a warm spring day sans pollen.

Your shiny silver tea things are lovely. Hope you feel better soon.


Amie said...

Truly, your blog is inspiring me!!! So glad I happened upon it. Thank you!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love the aprons! Hurray for a place to hang them!

I am working on my bedroom still finding a place for everything. I also am going to have to paint. Sigh. As much as I like the aqua my girls chose 9 years ago, I do not enjoy living in it with my things, which are red and yellow.

It's in the low 60's today and will be 27 on Thursday. But I can feel Spring coming. So, so glad.

I am going to check out that cooking show. It looks interesting.


Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Today was so warm, it was pleasant sitting outside for a bit. Than I heard the news of another snow storm headed our way! Yikes, we have had enough already! So I think tomorrow, in the midst of snow and ice I will putter around the house and think spring! Keep warm and safe. Love and Hugs, Nana

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

My sweet kindred spirit, your recommendations never fail and I have made a note to request the Beatrix Potter book from the library and will watch the next episode of Heartland Table.

I had to laugh, as I have the EXACT bowl that you have on the bottom of your "tools" stack and it was also a rather large purchase at the time. I have love that particular bowl ever since and never regretted the money spent.

The storm heading your way is already here in Colorado. We have quite a little blizzard making itself at home today.

Looking forward to warmer temps later in the week. I am weary of this Winter.

Thinking of you most kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

suzanne said...

I LOVE your aprons on hooks!! Aprons are something I wish I had more of, and should use when I cook because I end up ruining too many shirts. Let's hope this next cold snap is a quick one and we can kick Canada's weather back where it belongs!! Spring will come, this I believe. :) ps...Miss Victoria never disappoints. What a balancing act.

Vee said...

Your new hooks for hanging your aprons are great. Every kitchen needs a hanging apron or four. I go through an apron a day. The polished silver makes me think that it is time to get busy on mine. I love the look of tarnished silver, but not black silver. Hope that your storm is the last one of the season...just one more chance to have a cozy day with soup in the crockpot and a good book at the ready.

Keri said...

Those are beautiful silver pieces! I actually have a great fondness for the task of polishing silver, but since my own collection consists of two silver picture frames, a silver fortune cookie (given to me as an engagement gift), and a silver baby cup, spoon and fork set...well, the job is always over sooner than I'd like it to be. I didn't realize that silver pieces are often found while at thrift stores! That gives me some motivation to start haunting such places, to give me more polishing time... :-)

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your My World this Week! We too, are having wild temperature fluctuations. Thankfully, soon, we'll be busy with yard work. I just purchased the Beatrix Potter Gardening book through your widget. This looks to be really good. Always interested in what you are reading. I have found & enjoyed new to me authors thanks to you (Elizabeth Goudge). Victoria is always beautiful. No such thing as a bad pic of a cat! Enjoy your day! Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

Your silver service vignette is so pretty. Also love the apron collection. I notice your stack of books on the floor in the living room. That may have to be my next solution as my shelves are full but I keep finding so many good books to add to my collection. Have a warm, cozy day. Blessings, Sharon D.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

You world is always lovely! And I love seeing your pictures.