Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My World This Week

Early morning shadows during Easter...
This week has had me thinking we need to start building a really big boat.  It has been such a rainy spring.  While there has been significant flooding in our area, we're fine... just feeling cold and soggy.

The wind chill is in the 20s and there is a damp chill here in the house.  I had pulled a turkey out of the deep freeze last week to start defrosting, thinking it may be rather warm to roast the turkey this week.  Nope, perfect oven roasting weather today!  :)

I think you know by now how much I love this book.  I'd started re-reading it a few weeks ago and had to set it aside for other reading.

It is now being enjoyed many evenings, along with a hot cup of (decaf) Candy Cane Lane tea.

Oh, my!  The first of four season ending episodes started on Tuesday night... as usual NCIS is taking us on a wild ride where we are holding our breath and wondering where it all leads.

Last year's season ending arc had a bomb going off at NCIS headquarters and Ducky collapsing with a heart attack.  One never knows who will live or die on that show.

I love this little book of Puritan prayers.  If I could only keep two books, they would be my Bible and The Valley of Vision.

It has been a difficult couple weeks with a few trials and tribulations all happening at once.  I have been reading many of these Puritan prayers out loud just for the peace they bring.

Red & Yellow love
What can I say, anything that is yellow or red makes me smile individually but together...  :)

This corner of my office bulletin board has two of my favorite pictures with Christopher at our favorite amusement park and one of my mom.

The picture of my mom is special because it is how I remember her so often... sipping a cup of coffee while chatting with us at the table.

The other Victoria

My grandchildren had this cute "cat in a bunny suit" made for me at a Build-a-Bear a couple years ago.  They named her Victoria after...

The real thing
This is an older picture of Victoria and not the clearest as there was light flowing through the window... but I love that look!


Judy said...

Thank you, as always to the generously shared insight into your world, both external and internal (your ponderings and insights bless).

If any of your readers would like to take a look at some of the "Valley of Vision " prayers, a few are available here -

Doris said...

I also roasted a turkey. Thought I'd take turkey pot pie to a pot luck Sunday. I love turkey sandwiches (especially when we sliced the meat from a turkey at home), not from a deli. So much enjoy your blog. I'm older than you but our memories and thoughts run pretty much the same.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Always one of my favorite posts! You know yellow and red puts a smile on my face too.
Maybe I'll give NCIS a try. I watched all the Seasons of Law and Order: Criminal Intent and really enjoyed them. I haven't been able to find anything like it yet.

I've been out gardening every day for the last 4 days and am I'm sore. I'm learning I can't dig for hours like I used to!

La Tea Dah said...

You still have Candy Cane Lane tea in the house? Lucky you! It is SO delicious! I enjoyed your post today. I appreciate the calm it gives in the midst of a chaotic world.

Blessings upon you today!


Vee said...

Very regal look on Victoria's face...

That vignette of the red and yellow items is so cheery.

I'm smiling wishing that The Lord had directed me to thaw the turkey this week. It has been cold.

How interesting about the little book that you would keep along with your Bible...Puritan prayers. Now my curiosity is totally piqued.

Rebecca said...

We've returned home from vacation. Technically, it isn't over - so we're looking forward to a few days of "stay-cation" at the end of our travels. (It is cold and wet HERE, too.)

My vacation thrift store shopping finds me with a stack of "new" books to read. I read chapters of an autobiography of Frederick Douglas to my husband as we traveled home. We have a few to read yet to finish the book.

I WILL be searching for the book of prayers you mentioned. It sounds like a soul-sustaining one...

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love the red and yellow, too.

I have heard about the Puritan prayers for a while, haven't read them though. I hope you get a break in the rain soon!


Anonymous said...

LOL do you notice the red and yellow in your favorite pictures too!! Karen

the joyful potter said...

I love red and yellow, too! My kitchen is red and my laundry room (which I can see from my kitchen) is butter yellow - happiness! :) Also I had to smile at the Edwards' book - how would my husband like it if I wrote a book with that title?! I'm intrigued and will have to look that one up.

Lori said...

Ha-ha..I was thinking the same thing as I am in the Midwest too..I was thinking Ark or house boat. :)

I am still searching for a copy of the Edwards book. We have very similar tastes in books so I hope to find one soon.

I love my Bible and The Valley of Vision too!! I was wondering how you use you have a specific way you decide what to read each day? (The Devotional that is.)

I am sorry you have been having a difficult couple weeks. :( I always try to tell myself "This to shall pass" ..because it usually does. :) I hope your difficulties will too. I'll pray.

I loved the picture of your mom drinking coffee as it so reminds me of my mom growing up!

I haven't commented in a very long time or did I just email you?? I can't remember...but I read your blog every day and find myself shaking my head in agreement with so much that you say. We share many of the same feelings..but you are so much better at putting them into words. I always wish that we could sit and talk in person...I think we would never stop!

The Lord be with you Brenda..hugs, Lori