Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I shouldn't be this busy...

My office buddies...

There are posts to write, e-mails needing responses, projects to begin, and the only outside chore I have done is to take the rake to the composter on the deck.  Yes, I'm trying to blot out the siren song of work needing to be accomplished "outside".

All of this has almost... and I repeat... almost... made me happy about this cold and damp spring.  It has certainly slowed down the blossoms and blooms around here which also means a delay in the necessary lawn and garden work.

I was in town yesterday morning very, very early for a fasting blood test (which must be very early for one dependent on insulin).  I noticed the micro climate of a large town has enough warmth to speed the budding of bushes and trees... quite pretty and probably what those of us in the country will experience within days.

The source of my busy-ness is two fold, 1) I do everything a little at a time, and 2) I want to finish the garage re-do and a few small indoor projects before turning my attention outdoors.  Once one tackles the outdoor "gotta do" list... the inside tends to get overlooked for a few weeks.

Of course, a house is always a work in progress to keep it clean and decluttered, I'm happy to say all the household projects on my list have been completed and the garage is well on its' way to being organized.  The complexity of a garage re-do (as in we must move this before we can work on that and visa versa) makes the process slow but I'm already happy with the results.  I can find things again.

The only big project I need to chip away at indoors is going through Christopher's bookshelf and getting rid of notebooks, books, and knicky knackies that I know will not be moved to their town house.  That will make it easier for my daughter-in-law to help him decide what books he can live without, hehehe.   But it is not a priority and truly can be done when there is an extra hour here and there.

His closet is still stuffed with clothes he doesn't wear, games he no longer plays, and the bottom of the closet is a graveyard for electronics he no longer uses... but at least it is out of sight.  Mothers of children who have left home know they really never leave completely, if nothing else their stuff stays behind.

Although, Stephanie has been married long enough that I don't think we have any of her stuff.  The only item left at home was a rather large Rubbermaid container full of her artwork, projects, and design homework from four years of college.  She'd told her dad to throw it all away after she graduated and he refused as to him it was all brilliant (did I ever mention she was a daddy's girl?).

The container later made a trip to New England in the trunk of the car and I think she was happy he had kept it all.  By that time she had recovered from all those late nights working on the projects so it was rather fun to look through all of it.  The kids certainly loved it.  :)

Sooo.... all of that to explain why there has been and will be fewer posts than usual around here.  I expect many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are busy as spring has arrived in many locations and is slowly making its way North (very slowly).  It's probably summer in Florida and Texas by now.

As for our Australian and New Zeeland friends, enjoy the cooler weather!  I am certain we will be ready for cool nights and autumn once we go through summer's heat. 


Vee said...

I have been doing the yard thing a half an hour a day. At first progress was imperceptible. Now I can see it getting accomplished. It sure has been cold here...in the 30s and 40s. I'm ready for a bit more warmth of the gradual sort.

Take pictures of progress...you know how we love befores and afters.

Melissa said...

I was thinking the same thing as Vee. We love to see pictures of how things are organized. Your garage pantry will be inspiration for us. Thank you. Keep safe and dry.

Anonymous said...

I don't comment much but I do read faithfull! I just had to say that you should definitely see if any electronics from the "graveyard" are worth any money. Some old video game systems, etc., are worth quite a bit to the right person. :)

Lynn said...

We've just spent the last couple weeks going through the bookshelf that contained all the "kids'" books on them. Now that they are grown and on their own, I realized I don't need to keep six versions of Strange and Amazing Baseball Facts ;) I now have bags of books in their (old) closets for them to go through next time they're home. And now a whole couple of shelves, empty and ready for me to fill with my books! It does feel good. Happy decluttering. You're right, it's an ongoing job.