Monday, January 14, 2013

Taking it easy is not easy!

Well, I can tell I am a little better again because I turned the computer on.  My husband said he knew I was really sick when I went days with the laptop computer untouched. 

I also knew I was feeling a little better because I couldn't get to sleep last night, I kept thinking of making chicken soup today and Noodables very soon (a promised recipe).  ;)

It was so nice to be out and about when we had a January thaw, it felt like April!  However, a huge cold front came through (I mean, really... over 60 one day and the wind chill was 3 this morning) so it is easier to stay inside this week and give myself time to truly get better.

I love the way January usually gives me an excuse for a clean slate.  There is something about a new calendar on the wall (the rooster calendar was around $4.00 on clearance at Cracker Barrel!) that inspires me to clean, organize, and push the reset button of my life.

Hopefully as I continue to get stronger, I'll share some of what I am doing about it all... what I accomplished during my Christmas to New Years blog vacation (the flu hit at the end of that time) as well as what I'm hoping to do once I feel better.

As far as blog goals, I do hope to return to the BOOK part of the title more often with the reading of more newer titles and not as much rereading as I did last year.  Tomorrow and Wednesday I will wax poetic about a few books.  Currently I'm still reading Call the Midwife and I just started a new-to-me nonfiction book called Finding God at Harvard.

I had to meet my husband on campus late afternoon on Friday so I stopped by the library near campus to peruse their Used Book Room while waiting.  No volunteers were in the room at the time but the librarians let me inside and shut the door behind me (I love the honor system). 

Most of the books sold there are the same price as what they would sell at a library sale (approx. $1.00 to $3.00) with brand new bestsellers and vintage books usually a little higher.  I've wanted to read Finding God at Harvard for years and was quite happy to find it there for only $2.00. 

Now, I must start that chicken soup before returning to the sofa with my pillow and a throw.  Victoria is not coming near me at the moment... that whole aversion she has to Vick's Vapo Rub.  She gave me what I call the "Max and Ruby" look and curled up next to the front door instead of the warm sofa.  It is cold near the door! 


Vee said...

So you have learned a valuable thing...vapo rub to keep pets at bay. So glad that you are feeling a little better and like opening th laptop. Since it is now so cold there, it is a great week to lie low. Seems like a lot of people are making soup for supper tonight. Chicken soup sounds delish and healthful.

Judy said...

Just to say I'm glad to find you well enough to be posting again, Brenda, and praying God's blessings in the year ahead.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Hi Brenda, I'm so happy you're feeling a bit better. This flu sounds so bad from everything I've read.

When I'm that sick I don't touch the laptop or tv either. I also can't read. I basically just sleep - which I guess is what my body needs to heal.

Hope you feel 100% better soon.



Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better! It is great to have a source for thrifting books.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

So glad you are feeling better. Just take it slowly for a while, because I've heard people can feel better for a while with this one, and then have a sort of relapse. This is a good month for that, I think....

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better.

You are lucky to have access to a university used book store. Let us know of any more good titles.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We had homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner too! Delish!

I have a few books going that I plan to write about soon too, after I finish my organizing and declutter posts! :)

Glad you are so much better!


Front Porch Grace said...

I giggled just picturing Victoria fluffing away to her cold spot in lieu of your offensive odor.

So blessed to hear you are better.

Continue on the healing path, dear Brenda.

Such a kindred feeling about the new calendar on a New Year.

In His Grace,

chrissy said...

Glad you're feeling better. We have (so far) managed to avoid the flu here...hoping that happy circumstance lasts.

I love what you said about pushing the reset button. I am in that very process, midway through our third year of homeschooling, looking at what works and what needs changed.

Anonymous said...

My kids laugh at me b/c I recommend Vicks Vaporub for any ailment. I always thought it had a very comforting smell and I still like it. Your poor kitty is obviously of a newer generation not to appreciate such a fine medicine. :-)
Vicky L