Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recent reading... Kindle edition

I do enjoy reading on the Kindle... mostly... kinda'.

It is great for fiction but I admit for most of my nonfiction books, I still prefer having a book I can hold in my hands and go back to review previous pages and paragraphs.

But otherwise it has been so nice to slip the Kindle in my purse as I head out the door, knowing there will be a period of time to wait for a doctor... or perhaps the finding of a corner table in a coffee shop to sit and read on purpose.  :)

I now have hundreds of books on my Kindle, more than I'll possibly ever read.  But I take advantage of the free Kindle books that are offered (two links to follow).

Here are a few favorites...


Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth (also available in a format other than Kindle)
(This is not the fiction book I already reviewed with the same name.)

The author shares her family story from years as a normal upper middle class doctor's family with the big house, many cars, etc. to the simpler lifestyle they enjoy today.  The reasons behind their decision would... and did... fill more than one book!

I enjoyed reading how God worked in their life to shape their longings to simplify and downsize their family.  The book is more than just their story, it offers a lot of advice for those who long to downsize their stuff, take care of the environment from a Christian perspective, develop a community of believers, and basically live a lifestyle which leaves behind the need for spending more and more each year.

It is often interesting to read what the reviewers on Amazon.com say about such a book for it definitely brought out strong emotions both pro and con in readers.   I'm certain I liked it as much as I did because I share the journey from Yuppy to Simplicity... albeit ours was eventually forced due to circumstances beyond our control.

The one common negative comment I read on Amazon was the feeling some had that the author looked down upon people who did not share their values to lead a simpler life.  I didn't feel that at all (but I would say that reading this book could make one feel uncomfortable if shopping at the mall each week was their hobby.)

NoteThis Kindle book was purchased with Amazon credit earned from those who enter their Amazon shopping through the widget on Coffee Tea Books & Me.  Thank you very much, you greatly bless me!


Almost Heaven by Chris Fabry (also available in a format other than Kindle)

I was thrilled when I saw this book was free for the Kindle one day.  I've wanted to read one of Chris Fabry's novels for a long time.  As soon as I saw the title, I wondered if it took place in West Virginia due to the song John Denver made famous which begins, "Almost Heaven, West Virginia...". 

I must admit, when I first started reading it I thought it was just too sad!  So many challenges happen to the boy that I wanted to cry.  Which may be the author's intent I believe.  :)

What follows is the story of Billy Allman's life and how one man's journey in spite of it all... and perhaps because of hard times... can influence many for good and for God.  The story is loosely based on a real man who set up a small Christian radio station in the mountains.

I found this story about redemption and forgiveness and trusting God and finding love and using the talent God has given us to be... amazing.  A story is great when you find yourself thinking of it off and on long after you read it and the lessons learned within the story become part of you. 

I'm looking forward to reading more books by the author.

Quilts of Lancaster County Series by Barbara Cameron (also available in paperback)
A Time to Love
A Time to Heal
A Time for Peace

My husband loves what the kids and I call "Amish Housewife" books because they help him relax and offer inspirational reading.   I'm beginning to realize the same thing, especially when a mental vacation is needed.

I downloaded these three books because they showed up free for the Kindle from time to time.  (I was thrilled when the third book became free just after I finished the second!).

One day I needed such a mental vacation so I turned on the Kindle and started reading A Time to Love... I was hooked.  This series is a little different than some Amish novels as the first two are centered around non-Amish people and shares the challenges of healing from wounds received in wartime.

In A Time to Love, a young woman whose father left the Amish is severely wounded in her job as a news correspondent in Afghanistan.  She ends up returning to her Amish grandmother's home to heal both physically and emotionally.  Her road to healing makes an excellent story that is not at all "fluff".

The second book, A Time to Heal, centers around a soldier who had met the war correspondent in a VA hospital and is taken in by her Amish family to help him heal physically and emotionally.

The third book, A Time for Peace, continues the story of the people we meet in the first two books of the trilogy. 

These books were inspiring and fun to read!

Free Kindle Books

For information on free Kindle books... I like the two following sources the best.  I get updates on Facebook from them but they are also available by subscription (and I assume rss feed).

Just remember that these free offers are often for just that day (or less!) so you must click on the links and see if the books are still free before ordering.

Joyblee Farm sends a notice for free homesteading, homeschooling, gardening, cooking, and Christian books on most days.  The Joyblee Farm blog is... here.

Inspirational Reads sends out updates for free and greatly reduced Christian books... here.

Of course, you can go directly to the Kindle section of Amazon.com and check what is free that day.  There are also dozens and dozens of classic books that are no longer under copyright that are always free.  Many literary favorites!


sherry said...

i've read 'almost amish' and thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

i now have a kindle and am thankful for your links for free or low-cost books.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I got a sample of Almost Amish and might get it. Thanks for the link to Joyblee Farms! I found a free kindle book on her recent list that I got.

I really prefer reading a real book. I like the kindle when it's something I just can't wait to get and have to read now :)

Vee said...

Every time you do a review I want to read whatever you've talked about. I find light romances totally annoying so why am I thinking the ones you've mentioned sound special somehow? Hmmmm...

Can you do anything else with a Kindle? Can you read a newspaper for example? I need to check into this.

Vee said...

Well I've managed to download Kindle for my PC and I have already read a free children's story, which was a pure delight. Thanks!

Instagram.com/melissasnotes said...

I also read "Almost Amish" by your recommendation earlier. It definitely makes you think about the choices you make in your own life...how can we focus more on God in living this day to day life. Thank you for sharing and reviewing these books.

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I enjoyed reading about how you like your Kindle. I'm sure you know that you can download books from your library just like checking out a book. As I say I'm sure you know, but I work in a small library and I just love reminding people of such. Enjoy your reading! Sandy

Debbie in KY said...

I love your book recommendation posts! I always open 2 more tabs while reading your post. One for our local library to see if the title is available, and a second for Paperback Swap to see if I can get it there, instead.

Many great evenings of reading have come from your recommendations. Thank you so much for spending the time to tell us all about your finds!

hopeinbrazil said...

I never thought I'd like my Kindle as much as I do. I like ereaderiq.com for a daily list of free books for Kindle. When you subscribe, you list your preferences and only get book suggestions in the genres you choose. Much less stuff to wade through. Blessings, Hope