Monday, June 04, 2012

A new normal...

Granddad and David at the amusement park

OK, I will chat off and on about the wedding (and the events surrounding it) in future posts.  :)

I did get a smile from my long time friend Susan's statement about my hubby's Indiana Jones look.  Until very recently, my husband looked much like Harrison Ford (I tell him Harrison now has a better makeup person).  They even have the same crooked smile.

It was especially evident when he was younger.  Hubby would be stopped at airports by hopeful fans when he traveled.  He was tempted to say he was indeed Indiana Jones but didn't want to deceive anyone into thinking they had met the star.  :)

It is good to get back to "normal" after being crazy busy for so long.  The garden is growing nicely with the exception of a couple veggies that don't like the hot-cold-hot cycle.  I'll take pictures as soon as I buy a new memory card.

We were able to get a lot of lawn work done before the wedding but family and friends had to overlook the wild hedges in front of the house and the overgrown weeds at the side (some taller than me!).  Considering what the yard looked like after its' necessary neglect last year... it turned out to look pretty good.  We are still working on it.

I had to take a few days off to recover from the wedding preps.  As I wrote recently, even good things can be stressful.  I had to slow down that last week after experiencing two dangerous low blood sugar attacks at night.

My daughter's sweet mother-in-law helped her the evening we had planned to work most of the night.  One of the good things about lovely events like weddings is seeing people we are fond of but live far away, such as my son-in-law's parents.

Christopher's room started being transformed into a "Mom Cave" when he moved into an apartment last fall.  Then it became a mess again when he moved his stuff home temporarily.  Most of his things have now been removed permanently.

However, his huge bookshelf loaded with books will remain, as well as everything in the closet, until he graduates in December and they move out of their small Married Student Housing apartment.

Even with those items remaining, it has been transformed into my room.  I'll take pictures soon... have to buy that memory card first.  I love the way it is beginning to look.  The room will be used mainly for sewing, crafting, and writing... and pondering, of course.  :)

Be back soon... God willing and the creek don't rise.


Vee said...

David looks as if he is enjoying the ride, though I'm not sure about his grandpa! =D

Oh good. I'm glad that you'll tell us more about the wedding whenever you feel like doing so. Who doesn't enjoy knowing how someone else achieved such good results.

Have you heard from the Christophers since the wedding? I hope that they are settling in to married life very well. I will be praying for them as they come to mind. One thing this country needs more of is strong marriages and healthy families.

Cheryl (copperswife) said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of what you're doing in your new "mom cave".