Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Absolutely gorgeous days!

I thought I'd send out a hello before heading for the garden this morning.  It is the day the first big batch of apple mint will be cut back, washed, and prepared for drying.  I can already envision a hot cup of apple mint tea when the snow is softly falling outside.  :)

We are presently in the midst of beautiful 70 degree days and both hubby and I are "making hay" (so to speak) while the temperatures are low.  Yesterday I planted and re-potted flowers for the garden and front porch.  Honestly, it seemed I could almost hear the sigh of relief as a root bound hanging plant was re-potted in a larger pot to now sit in front of the porch.

My nasturtiums and zinnias are coming up in their garden homes (although not in bloom) but the marigolds and rose moss seeds I planted did not "take".  Perhaps because we had a heavy storm the day after they were planted or they had too much or too little watering?  We are in drought conditions so I must water the garden each day.  Who knows... however, I was able to purchase both of these plants on sale at the Wal Mart nursery a few days ago.

Dinner last night was BLT sandwiches, a favorite meal around here.  They are always a sign of Summer, not quite the same as cutting into the first watermelon of the season... but close.  So far the romaine lettuce in the garden has not bolted like the other lettuce and is providing lots of salads.  We have ninety degree days once again in the forecast so I will be daily harvesting the lettuce.

I have to pull up the sugar peas as one of our early hot weather events fried them.  My friend, Linda, gave me sugar peas from her garden which I hope to blanch and freeze today.   Hers had been planted a few weeks before mine and survived all the early heat.

I am still behind on household projects (you wouldn't want to see the garage right now!) but feeling more rested.  I only have a little more work to do in Christopher's room and I'm finally caught up enough to give books more than a passing glance.

Did anyone else watch some of the Queen's Jubilee festivities?  There was never an opportunity to view all of them but I caught most of the Celebration on the Thames and part of the festivities after the church service on BBC America.  It is remarkable that Elizabeth has been queen longer than I have been alive!

Now, to the garden...

Picture:  Grandma's Garden by Robert Duncan


Cheryl (copperswife) said...

I'm sort of in "catch up" mode here, too, as I've spent the last two days in town instead of at home. Our poor little garden is being plagued by an unknown intruder. One entire row of potatoes is dying and a big, beautiful, filled with blossoms Eggplant vanished into thin air. We are suspecting a gopher, but we can't find his tunnels.

Hope you get all accomplished that you hope to before the heat sets in to stay.

Vee said...

That's funny! I thought the same thing about the Jubilee Celebration...the Queen has been Queen longer than I've been around. Well, now that we've revealed that we're just a couple of kids...ha!

So glad that the days are sweet for you folks. You deserve some delightful time to get caught up with the garden and to unwind after all the excitement.

Jayne said...

I went to the Cathedral yesterday and saw all the Royal Family, the pomp and pageantry was spectacular, all of us in the crowds were shouting 'Long live the Queen!' I know we love and serve a Heavenly King, but God also gives us earthly leaders, and the Queen deserves our respect, a great lady

Front Porch Grace said...

We have been enjoying nice weather lately, as well. I enjoyed "strolling" through your garden beds. Sounds like you are getting back into the normal routine.
Take it easy and take good care of you, for you are a treasure.