Thursday, June 14, 2012

The granny chic Mom Cave

This rocker was one of our first purchases after we married

I love the term "Mom Cave", I heard it for the first time a couple months ago... in response I am certain to the term "Man Cave".

While my room will be much more on the order of "granny chic" due to my love of all things vintage and not even remotely resembling a high tech man cave... I do hope it will be a place to find a little R&R.

I can place all the cutesy stuff I love here

This room will take awhile to tweak into what I eventually would love it to be, as is every room of my home.  Truth be told, making a home unique is a continual process and one I enjoy.

This room, which was Christopher's bedroom, is actually the master bedroom for the ranch style house.  We gave it to Christopher when we first moved in as we only had bedroom furniture and he had... a bed, a dresser, a bookshelf, and electronics... lots of computer stuff and cords and monitors and stuff. 

I haven't spent much time in this room lately as Christopher took his folding table with him.  It may be temporarily coming back here but I have to get a permanent work space eventually.

Favorite artwork is throughout the room
I want to make this space very personal so it now contains my favorite artwork, pictures, and "knicky-knackies".  :)

Recently thrifted artwork... $2.99!

Found the teacup holder at Goodwill, just what I needed for this space

I will show a little more of the room next week and in case you are wondering, yes... I do miss having Christopher live here at home (except his laundry).  But I enjoy having a new daughter-in-law.  :)

Note to my daughter who saw the room when her brother first moved out... can you believe the transformation?  There are only a few boxes left, waiting for a work table.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

What fun to have this space in which to exercise your creativity! It's looking very interesting already!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It's wonderful! So perfectly you, I think!

How fun to have that space - it will be lovely for you!


Becky K. said...

That is so special. I love that you have lovingly added your favorite art. One of these days our boys will move out and then I will make a studio for my Mom cave.

Anonymous said...

Love your mom cave, especially the pretty tea cups displayed.

Just watch that the hubby doesn't gradually slip in plastic boxes and electronics or whatever. :)

Cheryl (copperswife) said...

It's coming along nicely, with all sorts of lovely, personal touches. I love your rocking chair corner.

Anonymous said...

I love your "Mom-Cave". It is so cozy. You find the most incredible treasures at Goodwill (the teacup holder, for example).
Looking forward to more pictures soon.
Blessings, Sharon D.

Cheri said...

Granny chic? Yes. Cute? Yes. Cave? No. We will have to come up with a better name. :)

Love what you've done with the place!

Cheryl said...

I'll take your Mom Cave over a Man Cave any day! Such sweet touches...including that lovely tea cup holder and the tea cups it is holding. I'll bet you're going to love spending time here.

Front Porch Grace said...

Oh that wonderful and creative process of making a home a haven. My home is my canvas. I feel such joy and contentment painting on the canvas of my home. Your joy in the same is so evident throughout your blog posts.

Each home is unique to each individual's personality. I firmly believe that each personality is but a facet in the Great Jewel, wherein we all can be found. Your home is so you, so beautiful you. Thank you for sharing.

That tea cup holder? Score! Sweet.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

How wonderful to have your own special space! Love that teacup holder you found!! I've never seen one like that.

Did you know there's a granny chic flickr group?

Heather L. said...

I'm so happy you have this space of your own!! i just pulled out the moutnains and mountains of ironing from my own sitting space (which is in our bathroom/closet). I'm going to figure out a different location for the ironing so I can keep my chair free. I have several bookcases, a nice comfy chair and a window in my space. Ever since I was a little child I loved having somewhere, semi-secret, that was all mine....

Cheri said...

Granny chic retreat!

Karen Andreola said...

A rocking chair with cushions, china tea cups in arm's reach, a teddy bear looking snug and comfortable, a dreamy picturesque landscape on the wall, are all things that this granny likes, too. Thanks for sharing your cozy corner.
PS It is hard to believe how inexpensive your "finds" are.
Karen A.

Vee said...

Perfect! It must be a very cozy place to hang out. Are you able to work on your projects and then just shut the door or is this more of a mom den? Granny chic? I've not heard the term, but I think it would apply to what I do. Must check out the Flickr group. ☺