Saturday, May 05, 2012

Saturday Pantry Suggestions

Oh, my friends... you know how life's circumstances seem to squeeze you at times?

Well, I was already feeling those pressures when our Buick broke down (we are hoping it is not what happened a couple years ago when it cost hundreds of dollars to fix).

Yesterday evening I received a call from Christopher, he was coming home from picking up his father from town when his car stopped working!  He thinks his car caught a virus from ours... 

Needless to say, this entire series of events has improved my prayer life.  :)

Since my mind is filled with other things right now, I'm sending you to a blog I just recently discovered and have thoroughly enjoyed.  This past week, they showed a picture of how they set up their pantry.  I so would enjoy a space like that! 

You can visit Little House on the Prairie Living... here.

In the meantime, all prayers are appreciated.  This, too, shall pass and I am certain... as with the lightening strike last summer... we will find reason to Praise Him in the Storm!  I have found He wants our praise before we see the rainbow.


Rebecca said...

I've prayed for you (and the cars)! Who knows? Possibly He is just protecting you from unknown dangers or potential BIGGER problems?

Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying "The prayer that never fails" for you and the family and the cars!


ps - off to read the linked post!

Vee said...

Your wry comments made me laugh and this is no laughing matter! Keep us updated. I certainly will be praying.

Now you have one of those streamlined pages...why do I really, really like it? Hmmm... Must analyze more carefully.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your car. The vocational high school where I work sometimes does car repairs if they aren't too complicated (under the teacher's supervision) for a small fee.

We got rid of our car after the second large repair bill. It was 8 years old. Use a taxi for grocery trips, but I know that isn't an option for you since you live in the country.

Love your friend's pantry.

cheryl (copperswife) said...

Praying, foremost, for God's peace, but also that the car is easily and inexpensively repairable.

Terra said...

How sweet and right to praise Him in the storm. I hope your car troubles are easily sorted out.

Joan said...

Praying for you, Brenda.

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
When it rains it pours, but somehow the Lord always sees us through. Praying for you, your family and your cars. Hugs, Nana

Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda, I do hope this is all a quick inconvenience. Though it does seem to prove the saying that when it rains it pours. We too have had to get a grip on things recently when hot water heater and AC both went on the journey to the junkyard. These things always seem to happen when you are very busy or not well or both. There is no good time for a trial or tribulation, so will keep you in my prayers and hope for a inexpensive outcome.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Praying that the car troubles will be very inexpensive.

@Mrs. Rabe: yes, Father Tim's prayer is always ,always best.

Anonymous said...

Ah cars...we have been helping out the car repair places a great deal this year. But we do not yet know enough about what we are going to do next (hubby retires this month). Each possibility carries a different need for type of vehicle, or none. So we keep fixing. You have my sympathies. And prayers that it will be easily and cheaply fixed!

In our situation, I told hubby I thought that somehow, being GOD owns ALL things, HE must want some of our money going to these other places. I guess we are being taught to trust HIM more.
Elizabeth in NC

Front Porch Grace said...

Praying for you all.

Spirit hugs,