Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Writing while the dishes are soaking

I really, really didn't want to do housework tonight.  I'm still a little groggy and not feeling too well... perhaps from the anesthetic used in my eyes yesterday or the weather or probably... both.

But I looked around the kitchen, thinking ahead of tomorrow morning and the difference I would feel between walking into a clean kitchen and one with dishes in the sink... leftovers from the prior day's decision to read instead of work.  Sigh... not a good thing.

So the day's dishes are soaking as I write and the book has been set aside, waiting for the last dish to be stacked onto the red Rubbermaid drainer.  I may decide to soak the saucepan in which I warmed up leftover homemade chicken soup, yes... I think a good overnight soak would be very beneficial for the saucepan.  ;)

I think I will slip on the ear buds of the itty bitty iPod and listen to the Indelible Grace CD I uploaded a few weeks ago.  My daughter first introduced me to the music of Indelible Grace.  It is old music set to a more modern arrangement... and it is gorgeous.  It fills my heart with joy.

This month I will have enough credit (thanks to those of you who enter Amazon through the blog's widget) to order another CD (this one was a gift from Stephanie for a past Christmas).  I think I'm getting their Wake Thy Slumbering Children CD but I'm not certain... I may choose one of their others.

I prefer buying CDs rather than downloading music as I can upload the CD to iTunes and then pass it on to my husband to listen to on his CD player.  He tried an mp3 player but found he preferred an older technology.  Do you want to hear the CD I've been listening to while walking?  It is... here.

Isn't the vase of Lilly of the Valley flowers lovely?  They are one of my favorites.  There is a small patch of them which usually grow within the perennial greenery near the back fence.  But this year I thought they had been killed in the heat-cold-heat-very cold weather of this year's spring.

So... imagine my delight when I was pulling weeds last week and caught a whiff of the sweetest scent and I knew they had to be there... somewhere... hiding within all the other stuff.  Tucked behind and under large, green leaves were my treasures of tiny white bells.  Their aroma is heavenly.

I left most to enjoy their garden surroundings but a small handful had to come inside with me where they have been enjoying a place of honor on the kitchen windowsill for a week.  Oh, yes... the kitchen... the dishes soaking... I have work to do.

Miles to go before I sleep...


Anonymous said...

What lovely flowers...I have cologne made of favorite!!

Well, you are not alone in the energy dept...and sometimes it is hard to know when to leave stuff till the next day and when not to.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Lily of the Valley give me so much joy. I love to have a small cup of them on a kitchen windowsill.

Sunshine to you,


Rebecca said...

Hope the morning brings you some pep and relief for your body (and eyes).

I've been making the same decisions about the kitchen - and waking up to a clean, uncluttered kitchen. It's worth the extra effort, isn't it?

AND (as soon as it warms up a little this morning) I'm out the door to cut a few lily of the valley to sweeten up our table and rooms. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jeanie said...

Thank you for the wonderful words you write. I read everything and post a comment very infrequently. Not because I don't appreciate all your wonderful words but I guess I just feel as if I'd be reiterating everyone else's comment. I enjoy reading about the books you read, we have many shared loves. I can't wait to download Indelible Grace on my ipod for walking. I love what I've heard so far and love that their website lets you hear more than a quick bite of each song. When I saw your "miles to go" I just HAD to comment. I just filmed an episode of History Detectives which is a t.v. show on PBS. I was able to recall and quote that wonderful Robert Frost poem which was a favorite of my grandfather and mother's and hope that piece makes the editing cut. The poem defined what happened on the episode. :) Have a good day, Brenda.

Vee said...

My patch of Lilies of the Valley is spreading way around my garden. I read somewhere that they are invasive. I would hate that because they are a spring favorite. If they start choking out a bunch of other flowers, I'll have to do something.

The way you tidy your home before bedtime so that you can wake to a clean slate is the way to go. I usually follow your good example except right now I need to put dishes to soak myself.

I've got to go back to see what's been going on this week. I've missed so much.

Grace-gardens-and-reads said...

There will always be work, but if we only work there won't be any lovely words to read. Aren't flowers great? I'm glad God wasn't just practical giving us food in the garden, but he gave us flowers as well. He knows our souls need beauty. And "miles to go" - I taught that poem to my seniors down here in Australia - I had never even read it before this year - and here it is in your blog!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I used to have Lily of the Valley at our old home. Love them!

Also, I think it is smart to tidy up at night, so that you wake up to a clean kitchen!


Anonymous said...

The scent of Lily of the Valley always takes me back to childhood and
memories of picking them for my Mother and her putting them in a vase just like yours. Thanks for the jog to my memories!

HeatherMavis said...

Lily of the Valley, I have some but not enough yet. Kill Lily of the Valley? I have a friend who complains that "cannot" kill them. Fine with me.

Front Porch Grace said...

Just love lily of the valley. The smell is heavenly.

A couple of years ago, a quality decision was made to never wake up to yesterday's messes in the kitchen. One of the best decisions God gave me the desire to make and the grace to carry out.

You are such a blessing.