Thursday, April 26, 2012

The upside down kitchen

I finally made it out for a good walk this morning.  I had been feeling too weak from the retinal specialist visit to walk at all on Tuesday and got in just the smallest of walks yesterday. 

So... I told my body it had to move today (I listen to it when it cannot move... not so much when it does not want to move).

I walked for an hour, finishing both sections of the walking trail. Considering the last thing I wanted to do was get off the sofa this morning, that was very good.

However, upon returning home, my feelings of self satisfaction were soon overwhelmed with unbelief as many of the contents of my kitchen now sat in my living room.

I knew my husband had planned to mop the kitchen floor while I was gone but I had no idea he would decide to remove furniture!

Poor Victoria, she was so confused she fell from the coffee table into a brown paper grocery bag and I had to help her out of it... trying not to have her hear the snickering behind her furry back.  That's what she gets for snooping.

Anyway, the various movable parts of my kitchen were not put back together until after dinner.  I was ready to put a paper sack over my head by that time.

But the floor is cleaned... and the lawn is mowed and the last section of the veggie garden rows are prepared for mulch... the other items on his "to do" list which were "to be done" before finishing the kitchen.

Tomorrow promises to be a quiet day... hopefully... prayerfully.  I need a quiet day.  There is wedding stuff to do, cupcakes to bake for the freezer, and cake decorating to practice.  All three of which need a quiet day at home.

Oh, and I promised a pumpkin pie to my lawn and garden guy for a belated birthday gift.  Christopher took him out to lunch on his birthday (and me, too).   We both love when our children feed us. That is proof of love you know, when they feed us.

Stephanie... bring chocolate.  :)


Terra said...

I hope your retinal specialist has great news for you, and that is good you found the energy to walk, and to rescue kitty from the bag too.

Linda Chapman said...

Very clever post! Husbands have their own way of helping!

You gotta love a man than is at home in his house! AND can put that ghouse BACK in order again! Quickly!

Terri said...

Chuckles over the line about knowing children love you when they feed you. My kids love to take us out to eat when the visit too and indeed I see it as proof of their love.

Stephanie, bring your mom chocolate... lol

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am trusting you'll get your quiet day and be able to accomplish your cupcakes and decorating! Just a few weeks until the wedding right?

Sounds as if you are doing well...good for you with the walking. I have been riding our stationary bike trying to get consistent. I have some back issues that make walking for exercise a problem some days, so I ride. I need to drop quite a bit of weight and so I ride.

Enjoy your day!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

You have a very sly and dry sense of humor sometimes....At least your kitchen floor is very clean now!
Hope you get your quiet day! I always plan what my day is going to be like and it's usually rather unexpectedly different.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I've always found exercise to be a great stress reducer!

At least your kitchen floor is clean (mine needs cleaning...maybe next week).

Hope you get your quiet day to do what needs to be done.

freddie said...

Hi Brenda,
you always make me smile and feel greatful for life!
Thank you and God Bless you