Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Other people's writings

One of the things I love about Blogdom is the way it provides writers... professional and those who only write out of the love of words... to have a platform for sharing their thoughts.

Soooo... I thought I'd share a few favorite blogs that I don't think I've shared before and two I have many times.

Starting with one of those blogs... only because I'm encouraging my daughter to write more!  I know she is very busy keeping up with an active household and homeschooling multiple children.  But she really is a good writer... here.

The second blog I've sent you to before is my young friend Sarah Clarkson's blog.  Sarah is a very talented writer, one of her books is Read For the Heart: Whole Books for WholeHearted Families, an excellent "book about books". 

Sarah has been writing about favorite books recently and the comments on these posts are filled with excellent book suggestions... here.  If you have time, read through some of her posts from her recent studies at Oxford, which I have really been jealous of enjoyed.

I couldn't remember if I had shared my new friend Carolyn Weber's blog address with you.  She's a fabulous writer and her book Surprised By Oxford was one of my favorites last year.  You can find her blog... here.  I'd love to meet her in person some day.  :)

My long time bloggy friend Sallie (in our house known as "The Michigan State Sallie") writes about a lot of interesting subjects... here.

I met Sunshine a couple years ago when she first contacted my daughter.  Stephanie wrote me about Sunshine, telling me she knew I'd love her because of her e-mail addy (which was really cute).  She is a homeschooling mother who is a really, really good writer... here.

I know I've sent you many places on the World Wide Web already but I could not share blogs of writers without reminding you of the new MomHeart blog... here.  I am very humbled to be one of the writers for Sally Clarkson's new ministry to moms.

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Storybook Woods said...

Thank you for the list, there are some new blogs here to me. It is always nice to find new, great blogs. Clarice

Sunshine said...

OH my goodness, thank you for such sweet sweet words. Sunshine