Friday, March 16, 2012

Pruning, reading, and writing

My, this sudden hot weather changed my To Do list!  We have had to drop some items off our list and add lots of pruning, weeding, cutting back, etc.  Not to mention dragging a small tree limb from our yard to the forest!  These were all projects for late March and early April in normal years.

I'm trying to get some writing accomplished in the midst of the outside chores.  Hopefully tomorrow (Saturday) I can get started on a new Saturday pantry series I've wanted to do for awhile.  It will include simple "off the top of my head" stocking up and pantry suggestions each week.

There are two new writing assignments.  One will be introduced next week and the other is for the Living Better at 50 website (of course, I am only 39...).  I love their site but wasn't sure I could squeeze in any more writing when they asked if I wanted to be a contributor.  However, when they said they could use some of my blog posts then the answer was an easy yes!  They recently included a couple of my pantry posts.  That website can be found... here.

I have a long (and belated) Recent Reading post to write.  I did a lot of reading when I had a cold.  I can share with you the lovely magazine I've been reading... here.  I don't purchase many magazines these days but the Victoria Classics Tea Time Bliss magazine is gorgeous and has yummy looking recipes.  It's an inexpensive "get away from it all" vacation.  :)

I am feeling much better.  While it may be unusually hot here for March (highs in the 80s when we are usually in the 50s), I am enjoying the sunshine and warmth.  Miss Victoria, on the other hand, can't understand what has happened.

We really don't want to turn the air conditioning on (as it will eventually... maybe... return to normal temps) so the furry feline has been found stretched out completely waiting for the next breeze to come in through the window.

That is when she isn't sitting in a bedroom window looking at birds through the screen, wistfully desiring to become a famous feline bird hunter.

Picture... yes, they are fake.  ;)


Rebecca said...

I can tell you're feeling better. It "shows" in your tone :)

Sounds like you have a great variety of tasks to keep your life interesting and varied.

Lawn/flower garden work & projects here, too. And I have a book I want to finish reading. Spring is such a busy time that if I don't take big gulps the book right NOW, I fear I won't get it done!

Maggie said...

I'm glad Miss Victoria is enjoying the window bird show =)
Glad you are feeling better.
I managed to convince myself that the Victoria Tea Bliss issue would be the perfect birthday gift-from me to me =)

Vee said...

Oh that thirty extra degrees must feel good for the first few hours. I know that we're expecting warmth, though it will not be that warm. Phew!

Congrats on being selected as a contributor. I'm sure that you'll find it fun and others will find it very helpful. I'm off to check it out.

Anonymous said...

We too have had several spells of unusually warm weather. Course we hardly ever get any snow here though. With operations soon for family members,we are stocking up a bit extra so we can snuggle down at home and recuperate. I sure have noted some big price increases when I did that shopping though!!! I am therefore all the more grateful for the things we already had in the pantry from trips before these increases! :) Thank you for telling us about the other sight. I hadn't been there before. Do they have one for over 60? :) :) Sarah

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are finding it unseasonably warm here already too...usually what we have at least a month later! Typical for here however is going from heat to AC within a few days.

Glad you are feeling better!!
Elizabeth in NC

Barbara said...

Hello. I too have dropped what I was doing (de-cluttering and some deep cleaning)to get out into the garden and begin pruning while it is mild and dry!

Came over via. a series of links.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being invited to contribute to the Living Well at 50 website. Their readers will benefit from your wisdom and experience. Glad to hear you will be having a Saturday post. I would love reading you everyday.
Blessings, Sharon