Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A few thrift store finds

The buffet has a more Spring-like look these days with the "new" flowers and pretty bunny.

I was rather hesitant to share my latest health challenges yesterday as I always lose a Follower or two when I do.  But as I've said so often before, I'm not here for "numbers".

Which is good as I only see the Follower numbers because they are right in front of me and I don't try to view any others.  (I view Blogger numbers only when requested, such as recently by a publisher.)

I prefer biography in its' Truth among bloggers.  I much more can appreciate what is accomplished when it is done in the midst of adversity.  Isn't it true that everyone has something God has allowed in their life which they must overcome?

Anyway... I wanted to share a few items found at Goodwill these past couple of weeks.

Goodwill had these flowers in a pretty (but pricey) arrangement that I passed up.  I could afford these matching stems that I simply placed in a favorite vase.

This pretty bunny was on the Goodwill cart along with the silk flowers for only 99 cents.  Here is a closeup of the beautiful colors.

I've been wanting something to hold the TV and DVD remotes in the living room.  This "tray" was also still on the cart at Goodwill.  All I had to do when I arrived home was...

Insert a pretty scrapbook paper with complimentary colors under the glass!   While it looks like this "tray" was manufactured with the handles, I've seen similar DIY projects online using a picture frame.

It's not often I find three such inexpensive lovelies still on the cart (our Goodwill, like many, pulls their big carts full of stuff to go on shelves out and leaves them there for people to fight look over before objects are put on the shelves).

Today I must do a little yard work, just a little at a time with lots of resting in between working.  We have small tree limbs everywhere on our property as a result of high winds and strong storms.


Susan said...

Hello, I am a reader from over in Switzerland. I have commented before, but probably not for a while. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate you sharing your life with us, the ups and downs (so to speak!)

I especially love to see your Goodwill finds. Over here we have thrift shops called "Brocki's" and they are such a fun place to treasure hunt.

Just today I was in a little village about 30 minutes away and found some beautiful cream soup bowls at the Brocki, red transfer ware, in a design that is new to me - "Scenes after Constable" - and I just love them!

Thanks again for blogging - hope you are feeling stronger every day.

Ann said...

Finding little treasures at thrift store prices is soooo much fun. I once found an entire set of 8 crystal etched white wine glasses for $10. I thought at first there were only four but as I kept looking around I kept finding more until I had the whole set. Yipee!

Angela said...

You always find such good things! For every good thing I find, I have to make probably five fruitless trips.

I thank you for being honest about your troubles. That's a lot of why I read your blog -- you are able to find so much beauty and LIFE in the midst of less than ideal circumstances. That is a real encouragement to me. There are certain things I really can't share on my blog without violating others' privacy, but I never want to give an impression of a perfect life. I always find that DIScouraging.

Debbie said...

I love that tray!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love the tray! The bunny's outfit is sweet and I love that floral. The silk flowers are great too! Great finds all the way around!

Hope you are stronger everyday!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Please don't over do it! I know it's tempting when so much needs to be done outside and you're feeling a bit better. I wish I lived closer - I'd be over to help in the garden :)

Love what you've found at Goodwill! I had to laugh about the carts at your Goodwill. Mine they make an announcement to let the employee place the object on the shelves. They frown on people taking things off the carts!

Vee said...

Pace yourself in that yard for sure.

You so often find just the right thing for your home that I'm convinced that, as you say, it's a God thing. I love that tray! It's perfect for that spot in every single way.

Cute little bunny, too. Is she handmade?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate when you share about your health issues - I work at an elementary school, and we have a child with diabetes. Learning about your struggles has helped me more than once, when she she is having issues!

Love your Goodwill finds!
Connie in San Diego

Dollar Store Items said...

Your blog is really amazing with all the bits and pieces of information I can share with my friends and followers. Thanks and more power!

Anonymous said...

Our Goodwills and Salvation Army's seem to price things much higher than the prices others in blog land find. Never the less we still find some nice thing. I love seeing the things you and Manuela etc find... Just be yourself. Life is life. We all as you say, have our problems and why can't you just be yourself on your own blog?? Do people want you to be fake? I enjoy our visits..just be yourself. Sarah

Front Porch Grace said...

Wow! Score!
God really blessed you.
I love your blog. You are so real and such a blessing!

In His Grace,

PS-I am going to "follow" you. I don't understand why you lose followers for sharing your life. You should gain prayer sisters.