Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cake pops and birthday parties

I have an entire day before me when there is nothing scheduled, nothing at all... except a quick trip to Menard's to return the plumbing items which were not needed.  I guess that is something.  But I like going to Menard's.  ;)

Yes, my sinuses have been giving me problems.  I have been SO nauseous with this crazy weather, not to mention my head pounding at times.   Taking Benedryl all day helps a lot but can make one drowsy.  The non-drowsy formula doesn't work as well for me.  Christopher took two Benedryl on Tuesday evening and slept for sixteen hours, missing his Latin class!

It's not uncommon in the Midwest to have up and down temps but I don't remember the last time it was such a roller coaster ride for weeks and weeks... and weeks.

I have some writing which must be done, e-mails to answer, snail mails still waiting, soup to get started, and cup cakes (or cuppycakes as Cookie Monster calls them) to bake and practice icing with the pastry bag.

All of which need long periods of home time.  It's looking like that is going to happen now... God willing and the creek don't rise!  That's how I can accomplish more with a chronic illness.  When I'm away from home a lot, I'm often too exhausted to even think by the time I get back and I'm afraid a blog post would look something like... io#rhi opa*etel.

Birthdays were always a big thing at our home but Stephanie surpassed my efforts long ago.  Some readers know she has a degree in Interior Design from the University.  I love how she uses her God given talents to make her home a special place to live (and visit!).

In her post, she shares about Elisabeth's party but also what she has learned about making cake pops... here.  I wish I had been there!


Vee said...

May you get some lovely days upon the sofa reading and dozing and sipping tea. Sounds as if you need some down time.

I'm off to see what Stephanie has been up to...

Anonymous said...

What a lovely thing your daughter did for your granddaughter. I am so amazed that the granddaughter is already so capable in home tasks!! THAT is quite an achievement. Thanks for sharing.

I wish you could have been there too. Well, at least your absence was due to distance, expense and health. We are rarely invited to ours, tho' it is only 45 minutes away. I am happy your family closeness has been maintainable. I hope it will be the same after your son marries too.

I did a big meal for our son's wedding rehearsal. Had a couple friends help me, but I did most of it. That was a job...I think her mom got the easy part!! But even that did not seem to help with us being allowed to see them much. Oh does their best. Tis all one can do!! (We also paid for 1/3 of the wedding cost and most of the honeymoon cost...I think we did our part!!)
Elizabeth in NC

a8383 said...

The weather is crazy here in the South as well. We have had weather in the 20s and yesterday it was almost 70 degrees!Unheard of! And with it the devastating spring-like storms that devastated parts of Ala last week. Feel better, Angela

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee
I attempted to leave a comment but I'm not sure I did/got the "intenet failing to connect"/whatever! but I just wanted her to know that I LOVED it all. How special & sparkly it all was!!

matty said...

Hope you have a wonderful day. I love the rainy days when I am home so that I can nest and nest! It is such fun and I love smelling the goodies as they bake!

I love visiting you, Brenda! You have a sweet calmness that makes me slow down and enjoy the day a bit more! Thanks, dear friend!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a lovely party. You have a very talented daughter and granddaughter.

Melissa said...

Oh, thank you so much for letting us know your daughter posted a blog again...her house is so peaceful looking and light-filled!
I also wanted to let you know of a new Christian-historical-fiction writer (at least new to me).
Since you enjoy the PBS series, "Downton Abbey" I thought you might like Julie Klassens novels. Set in England and the newest one "Lady of Fairbourne Hall" is about the servants and the masters set back in the Edwardian times.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are under the weather, Brenda. I do hope you feel better soon. I guess if you need to sleep, then you need to sleep so you can heal. Enjoyed the party post. Your daughter is amazing, but then again, look who her mom is! : >)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Wow those cake pops your daughter made are soooo pretty! The cupcakes in those cute wrappers are wonderful too.

I'm sure they wished you could have been there too.

I'm sure Christopher was upset to miss class!!

Hope you feel better soon. The weather has just been crazy here. My daffodils are in bloom!

Sunshine said...

That is so neat - I think cake pops are the neatest idea - I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Sunshine